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He died aged 84

I haven’t done one of these movie news snippets in a while, but now I’m back on track, so here’s the latest..

Leslie Nielsen has died at age 84, the comic actor best known for his role in Airplane and The Naked Gun died of pneumonia. He passed away peacefully, and I’m sure the fans of this man will think about him today. I don’t really know much about this particular talent comic, although I have heard of him. However, co-blogger Manpreet Singh is quite a fan of his work, and commented ” Leslie Nielsen was a hilarious man, who had a unique and brilliant style of slap-stick comedy. He was a great part of comedy throughout the years, and he will be greatly missed”.

The famous Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 has retained the number one spot in the Aus Box Office, which is particularly good seeing as it’s on the other side of the world. It’s good to see that there’s a British film that manages to reach all nations.  And another film that should do well in the box office is surprisingly, in a racism row. I did laugh at first but here is the situation; The Hobbit, is under the auditioning process for actors/actresses and extras, and one actress applied to be an extra as a Hobbit, but she was turned down because she doesn’t have the right skin colour. And throughout the day, people were addressed that they wouldn’t be processed through the auditioning stages unless they were paled skin. I have read the books and I do understand there isn’t a Black, Chinese etc Hobbit throughout the books; but you have to understand that this is going to be a world wide film, and you have to relate to a lot of nationalities. I’m not saying throw every single kind of race in there. Peter Jackson has called it an ‘incredibly unfortunate error’. No, Peter, it isn’t an error, and as much as I respect you, it’s actually r-a-c-i-s-m. There, I’ve even spelt it out for you.

And lastly but definitely not least, according to reports, it has been suggested that Christian Bale and Mark Walhberg have began doing the film ‘The fighter’ because their children attend the same school and brought the two famous actors together. Amazing.

I’m sure there will be more exciting news tomorrow folks, I will keep you posted.

By Daniel Hart


The end of Wagner

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It happened, finally, Wagner has left the building (and his hotel) in last nights results on the X-factor. And all those who tried boycotting the show by voting for him are going to be ultimately disappointed but proud of how long they kept someone so incredibly bad at singing in the competition. My respect for Louis Walsh increased last night because he chose between two of his acts. Something Cheryl Cole couldn’t do, at least he plays by the rule book and he respectively kept Mary Byrne in the competition, but lets face it, better than Wagner but not going to win the show but good on her. So with that over now it’s getting serious and it’s the semi-final stage this week. I’m sure all of you will tune in. I will keep you posted.

Bye Wagner.

By Daniel Hart

The Hangover 2: Synopsis

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So, all of you fans of the film, ‘The Hangover’, including myself, will be pleased to know that a sequel is on it’s way. Of course, the original gang will be returning in this second installment, including the undeniably hilarious Alan ( Zach Galifianakis). This time, they head on a journey to Thailand, for Stu’s wedding (played by Ed Helms).

After the unforgettable stag-do they had in Las Vegas (which as you’ll know, actually was quite forgettable for them..), Stu decides to take the safer approach, a pre-wedding brunch. However, their experiences in Bangkok, will be entirely different to those of Las Vegas, taking an unfortunately hilarious turn for the worst.

The original main cast will be returning for the film, and Paul Giamatti will also be playing a role, along with Jamie Chung. There are also reports that Liam Neeson will also be starring in the film, portraying a crazy tattoo artist, which I will be particularly looking forward to. And also Bill Clinton will have a cameo role. Nice.

The Hangover 2 is directed by Todd Phillips (who also directed the recent hit, ‘Due Date’, also starring Zach Galifianakis), with the script written by Jon Lucas, and will be hitting the big screens in the UK on 27th May, 2011, one day after the US.

If you havn’t already seen ‘The Hangover’, be sure to watch it, as the sequel will definitely be one to watch at the cinemas.

By Manpreet Singh

X-Factor Update: After The Storm

The X Factor (Australia)

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The last two weeks have been crazy let’s just face it, the show has turned into a circus, firstly Katie survives in the bottom two and with that eliminates Aiden Grimshaw and then a week later Katie goes through with ease and also Wagner putting poor Paije And Cher in the bottom two. I’ve no idea who is safe or who is going to win at this moment, were back to square one and with Matt Cardle reportedly showing his aggressive side to every contestant, apparently, we now have a show with out a clear favourite, a good thing? Yes, of course but I do think the show isn’t getting enough good performances recently. Matt in recent weeks has commented of his dislike with Wagner, the thought of him winning makes him thinks it’s a joke (he’s right though). But now he’s told himself to shut up, don’t shut up please, I want Wagner out too. Moving on, this week is ‘Rock’ week. Not my favourite week I have to admit but it did start last years winner off Joe McElderry with ‘don’t stop believing’, does anyone remember him? Vaguely? Thought so. Cher hasn’t voiced her concern over rock week and has stated that ‘she likes a bit of rock’, Awh do you. Well please try harder this week because IHartMovies has chosen you as their favourite, and its embarrassing when you’re in the bottom two.

It could be a hard week for Mary Bryne because she is apparently suffering from alot of throat problems, so let’s see how she pulls it off again, because apparently last time she had throat problems she had Laryngitis(research it) and then she came out and sang her best performance, am sorry but if you have that throat infection you can’t sing, simple. Remember Diana Vickers?

As for Song choices, there is not a solid list but I do know that all acts are singing two songs, so the show has being extended, two Wagner performances, sighs, I will update this blog when the song choices are released. If Wagner wins by the way, the show will surely have to axe, just a thought. I do plead to you all if you do vote, do please vote for anyone but Wagner, just for the good of the show. He is there for a joke and he knows it.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 Review

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The biggest release in British film this year, Harry Potter, hit the big screens across the UK last week; and not only is it the adaptation of the final book, but its the first part, with the second part following next year. Now, having read the books, I find it hard not to compare the film to JK Rowling’s masterpiece, but I really want the final film to work, which is why I believe they split the final episode of the saga into two films, so they could get the most out of the book as possible..and more money of course. I actually can’t believe it’s the final film already. I remember the first film, low budget, poor acting; but the excitement was there, and for some reason the excitement came back for me because its the end of an era, for me, and I’m sure for all of the Harry Potter fans out there.

Part 1 is probably the most darkest Harry Potter film to date, however I do feel they try to mix too much comedy within the dark parts, in that I mean when things are getting really serious, Ron, Harry or Hermione make a pun or a funny line, and I didn’t know when to take it seriously. All the people who have read the last book will know it’s very dark and serious. I do support them making it funny in parts because it’s meant to have a humourous aspect, and maybe because I watched it in a busy cinema room it made things funnier because there were more people there to laugh. But they over did it in Part 1, although it didn’t ruin the film.

Daniel Radcliffe’s acting has improved, which is what we needed for the finale. But all credit will have to go to Emma Watson, who excels the most in this film, and I was very impressed how she rose to the challenge, to the mood of the film, and she has been very consistent since ‘The Prisoner of Azkaban’. I think she stands out because her acting is the most convincing out of the three. Ron, as usual, is the novelty friend, but that isn’t a bad thing, as he’s the comical character in the books.

The mood of the film is presented in the first 5 minutes, which was a good move I think – there’s no point in trying to slowly make a transition into dark when this is it – this is the one where Harry’s fate is finally decided and the rest of the characters’ as well. You can tell the budget for the production has significantly improved, because the special effects are the best yet. I can’t wait to see what it’s going to look like in 3D for the second installment. And now, to compare it to the book, I think this film is the closest it has ever gotten to the book, probably because they have more to fit in with splitting it into two parts, and they have all of the story ends to tie. They managed to explain the situation more and allow more chapters to be filled.

Before I went to watch this film I got a lot of feedback. Firstly it’s, ‘too dark’ – well to be honest, if you haven’t read the books then you would understand it was meant to be dark 3 films ago; they only lighten it up so it’s fitting for kids too. Another one was, ‘I expected more’, and I can kind of understand what they mean by that. If you haven’t read the book, then splitting the book into two was always going to be hard to do. It was never going to be a hard hitting ending because part 2 is going to be the one where the main events happen. The next part will be twice as emotional, and full of evil happenings and action. I suppose part 1 brings you into the final stages of the story so you’re ready for the next one.

If you’re a lover of the films, a lover of the books, or even both, then you should definitely go and see Part 1 of  The Deathly Hallows,  because it’s probably the best Harry Potter film to date. Yes, it is slow, but you need to understand that they’ve split one book into two, which is a hard thing to do, which I can’t say I’ve seen many films do fantastically; and so far, they’ve done a damn well terrific job with it.

rating: 4.4/5

By Daniel Hart

Michael Caine speaks..The Dark Knight Rises Shoots In May, 2011.

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The latest update from Sir Michael Caine, is that the eagerly anticipated ‘Dark Knight Rises’, will begin shooting in May, next year. A quote from Sir Caine himself, includes more details:

Emma [Thomas], the producer, said we’d get the script in January. Christopher said: ‘Script in January, shoot in May, finish in November’.”

This is exciting enough news for any Batman fan and fans of ‘The Dark knight’, which was released in 2008. Although it isn’t known where any of the filming will take place, another rumour has emerged, that New Orleans could be a location, and images of Chicago for representations of ‘Gotham City’, which were were used for the The Dark Knight. However, Wally Pfister, cinematographer, had abolished the rumours of the use of New Orleans. He also mentioned that the films would most likely only be shot partially in IMAX. A bit of a shame if you ask me.

In terms of the cast, we know that Christian Bale and Michael Caine will be returning as the Dark Knight and Alfred, and it is expected that Gary Oldman will be resuming his role as Commissioner Gordon..hopefully. Tom Hardy, has also been cast in a role too, which many are eagerly awaiting to see the outcome of. There has also apparently been a cast of female roles for the main villain, and also love interest, although this hasn’t been fully confirmed yet. As of yet, all we can really do is keep waiting for further information, once the scripts are due.

For further information on rumours and speculations on the upcoming Batman flick, be sure to give blogger Daniel Hart’s rumour update a read:

By Manpreet Singh

From X-factor To The Half Stairs-Gate Who Will Go Tonight?

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Normally watching the show I come away with a feeling or a thought but tonight, I honestly don’t know what I feel. I do think The Beatles theme was a good week to do and they were some good performances out of it but I kind of switched off after the criticism about the focus of tonight’s show, The Ladder.

Yes Cher Lloyd singing on half a stairs did not please Simon Cowell, now Simon is my favourite Judge on the show but I don’t understand how saying that justifies anything at all, ‘You couldn’t do much with the stairs’. Who says you have to do anything whilst singing on stairs, why not judge the performance which I thought was really good. I could see why Cheryl Cole was angry by this. And then Simon further criticised her for showing her vocals but not her rapping ‘because children look up to you’, what is this show all about? Seriously..

But the judges being immature is a running theme tonight, the one that surprised me the most is after Wagner performed, and it showed how hypocritical Cheryl is. She had ago at Wagner not for his performance but for something he apparently said to a journalist, he reportedly said ‘Cheryl is from a council estate so she is lucky to be where she is now’. And Cheryl brought this up live on TV, why not ask him in private, and for someone who complains about people making up stories about her she should learn to not believe everything in the press which Wagner quickly pointed out. Good man.

I know a lot of fans won’t agree but the two favourites Rebecca Ferguson and Matt Cardle had a off night from the usual outstanding performances, I didn’t enjoy Matts performance, it was a kind of a ‘yes I’m singing in a vest, and look I can move round the stage whilst singing’. Rebecca showed her usual class but it was missing that magic, and I think she might be in trouble tonight for the results, I don’t know why I just get that weird feeling that her performance maybe be forgettable. Third favourites One Direction also didn’t have a good night, there performance was very week.

And surprisingly Katie Waissel sang the performance of the night, and she was last to sing which is a plus for her. She did a performance that showed vulnerability but passion which suited her well and for the first time since she’s being on the show she proved her vocals can be outstanding, but wouldn’t it be ironic if the week she did her best performance she finally got eliminated? I want her to stay to be honest, she’s interesting.

And now for my predictions, I will give a bottom 2:

Bottom 2: Wagner and Paije

If there is a double elimination I think Katie would be on my prediction but I can’t see the public not voting for that kind of performance. I think a favourite like Rebecca or Cher might be in trouble tonight though and I don’t know why however with Cher’s fan base I can’t see her having low votes.

By Daniel Hart