The Social Network: A good insight to the creation of Facebook?

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The Social Network has been one of the films this year I’ve being looking forward to, not because I want to know how Facebook was made, but because Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in the world, and who wouldn’t want to know his story. There’s been a lot of press relating him to this film and he’s recently come out to the media and announced ‘I will not be watching this film because it’s over exaggerated’ . Well it is a film, based on real life, so I don’t know what he was expecting, but then I watched it and realised they made him out to be the most smug man in the world. So maybe that’s why he didn’t want to watch it. The film is slow in parts but keeps you interested, the boardroom meetings with the lawyers trying to make settlements with Mark on how much he owes the others, who helped him make Facebook makes good viewing, but I got the underlying feeling that they kind of missed a point. A Harvard teenage student who creates Facebook and is making more money that you could ever dream of, doesn’t seem to be that happy, I expected to see him jumping around, excited and attending the most luxurious parties,  living the dream but instead he’s walking around trying to battle off his enemies who used to be his friends. I can’t help but compliment Jesse Eisenberg’s acting of Mark, I visualised Mark Zuckerberg just like the portrayal in the film; smug, smart, sarcastic and arrogant.

Mark Zuckerberg’s arrogant side adds to the comedy of the film. You can’t help but laugh at the moments where he out smarts the lawyers or leaves his enemies speechless. The film cleverly shows how he created Facebook aswell for those who care. Would I watch it again, probably will. Would I recommend you go out to the cinemas and use your hard-earned money to watch it, yes. But keep your expectations at bay because even though I really enjoyed the film I can already hear the criticisms from reviewers already.

Rating:  4/5

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