Apprentice Series 6: Fashion

Trafford centre main entrance

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Am I the only one thinking this is probably the best series of The Apprentice by far, I don’t know what’s so good about it this year, my guess is the balance in the contestants, normally they have 99% think-they-know-it-alls and one contestant who is actually good in what they do.  This year its 50/50 about 4 of them could win.
Tonight’s episode was called Fashion and  I wouldn’t say it was good as last week with the record-breaking sales but it did bring one of the favourites ‘true colours’ out as Sir Alan described it. So this week we had Palamo Vivanco and Liz Locke, the two elite favourite women as project managers. And the teams task was to sell London brands at the Trafford Centre in Manchester. It was one of them tasks that required common sense and I reckon Palamo’s team showed the most common sense tonight but somehow lost, I don’t know what it is about Palamo, maybe it was her Australian accent, but I didn’t want her to go tonight, she provided excellent TV.

Nor did I believe it was Alex Epstein’s fault for choosing the location, like he clearly pointed out ‘there were one thousand customers passing the hour’ so maybe it was just luck that secure Liz a victory tonight. I believe she was very lucky to win, the shop was in shambles, they became desperate with pitching outside the shop and at one point their shop was dead whilst the other team was selling £400 in one sale. I can’t quite get my head round it, but that’s TV and tonight they showed one team on the verge of losing to end up winning. I believe ganging up on Alex was wrong, I mean he did secure a TV promotion in the food chain of the Trafford Centre that showed an interview in their shop every 15 minutes.

Once again the Boardroom was fiery tonight, they don’t half act like children, it’s almost embarrassing, they are representing potential successful business people for the future and every week all they seem to do is bitch and argue in front of Sir Alan Sugar. It’s by far the best but most immature series yet. So yes Palamo was the next board room victim and my word didn’t she look gutted, if only she kept her mouth shut she would have made it another two weeks at least before the cracks appeared. Why and earth did she open her mouth when it was completely obvious Sandeesh Samra was going to go for being the most laziest, non-participating contestant the show has ever seen, I mean its like she is waiting until the final week to try  and win it, she won’t last long, I would like her to be fired now thanks, normally lazy people like her get found out pretty quickly on this show but no not Sandeesh. She plays out her role in the background and under everyone’s noses then speaks out in the boardroom, does anyone remember what she did tonight? Anyway rant over, hopefully The Apprentice can give us another special episode next week and keep up to the standard of ‘best series of the show ever’

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