Charlie St. Cloud: Has Zac Efron boosted his acting image?

Zac Efron, Nickelodeon Awards 2007, Sydney

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I’ve never watched any of the the High School Musicals because I am not interested in them in the slightest, nor am I interested in Zac Efron‘s talent in the slightest, but I heard this film was quite deep so I decided to give it a chance. The film starts off by showing a healthy fun relationship between High school graduate Charlie St. Cloud and his younger brother Sam St. Cloud. There mother is non-existent so it mostly just shows them two, Charlie asks his brother to promise never to be late in the woods for baseball practise which he immediately agrees. Then in a fatal accident with Charlie driving, his brother Sam dies, and Charlie is described as a miracle because his heart was on a flat line and then it started beating again. The film turns dramatically to that moment with the car crash which is really good. How everything was all la-de-da then boom, I think it was to shock viewers and it worked on me, a little bit.

Things then change for Charlie as he starts seeing ghosts of his brother in the woods every day at sunset for baseball practise. He realises he can see certain ghosts so decides to disregard his future and life completely and work in the grave yard. Great. He then meets the lady of his life, and it changes his outcome of how he approaches problems. And that’s practically it, don’t want to spoil it for you but what happens after this is pretty good.

I mean its not the best film you can come across, even though Zac Efron’s acting is good, its not brilliant for such a deep role, he performs it to his best, I do feel sometimes he acts too broody. He acts like a zombie in most scenes for him to snap out of it and gives a dramatic turn. He should of given the character more personality for us to feel more sympathy for him. Is it a film that boosts Zac’s image from High school musical to a Serious Actor, no. But is he on his way, then yes. Its like getting Robert Pattinson away from the Twilight saga title, or Daniel Radcliffe Away from Harry Potter, it doesn’t happen over night. Robert Pattinson almost did with the Remember me but then theres two more Twilights to be released.

The film also doesn’t keep you captivated at parts, time and time again I lost concentration and I still got the storyline when I started watching it properly. Its a good film though and if you like deep films, make the effort to buy it on DVD or go to the cinemas to see it.

rating: 3.5/5


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