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Scarlett Johansson met with nearly 600 service...

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Woke up this morning to a torrid of news, firstly this isn’t really news but Justin Bieber claims his movie called Never say never will inspire people, especially young people  and that it will teach them that the ‘sky is the limit’. Well I don’t think it will inspire me because his songs are far from inspiring but before I blast this film before I’ve even seen it I will gave him half a chance before I see it, if I do bother watching it of course.
Anyway to the more important news, Scarlett Johansson is to start in a lead role in a fiction drama titled Under the skin. And her role is to be a ‘sexually voracious alien woman’. The CEO who back this film are ‘so very excited to be working on this arrestingly original movie’, well of course you are why wouldn’t you be?

And to all those DC comic fans out there who love comic films the upcoming Superman film promises to be different but in a good way, yes the new Superman Zack Snyder says he will ‘be a different superman to previous films but stick to traditions’ so that means he will be still flying around, saving people and have super strength? Good.

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