The New Bond film rumoured released date?

The James Bond 007 Gun Symbol

Image via Wikipedia

Today’s top news is highly interesting, before I go into the stupidly weird I will go onto the most relevant news, rumours are spreading that the 23rd Bond film is being released in November 2012, I don’t want to plan ahead or anything but that’s over 2 years to go, we have the end of the world and the olympics before end. Probably the real reason for the 2 year setback is because MGM who distribute James Bond is facing heavy bankruptcy and are currently looking for potential takeovers. I do hope Daniel Craig is Bond in the next film because he’s done a brilliant job so far and he’s changed the character of bond, but in a good way, he hasn’t spoilt how bond is played out either so keep him.

Other news surfacing on the internet today is Mel Gibson’s comedy film ‘Beaver’ which portrays a man who truly believes his Beaver puppet is real, is rumoured to be released early 2011, it’s directed by Jodie Foster, so it should be interesting to see how that film turns out.
And now the bizarre news which made me cringe rather than ‘chuckle’. Yes the Chuckle Brothers, the pair who entertained children for several years are planning on making a 3D horror film, Chuckle Brothers and Horror? Whose going to star in it Jedward? What is next I dread to think, but surely their fame ran out ages ago, and there still managing to clutch on to that pinch of salt left. Oh yes I forget they came on Come dine with me for a two-minute stint that would have secured them a film deal. Sure.

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