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So the weekend is here and the weekend means two more episodes of the Simon Cowell Show I mean X-factor, there has never been so many news reports, last year there was high publicity, this year it has doubled. the show must be doing  something right. It was reported mid-week that the Quirky Katie Waissel has being suffering severe panic attacks in recent weeks, the X-factor vocal coach Savan Kotecha has denied any sort of panic attack, well to be honest if this vocal coach had come out and said ‘Yes Katie has one panic attack a day and we have to bring medics in’ then people would be shouting for her to be removed from the show because of pressure on the younger contestants is unfair bla-bla, I personally believe Katie is a dramatic girl, so maybe she has had one panic attack, so the media multiply that by 4, the rest were probably diva flip outs with heavy breathing. Matt Cardle, who was reportedly fuming that Katie has told everyone they were dating when they ‘wasn’t’, has now come out and said he ‘respects Katie’, Aw isn’t that nice, a bit of civilised harmony/awkwardness in the house.

Treyc Cohen is the bookies favourite to be booted off this week, to be honest I don’t know why Cheryl Cole hasn’t put as much effort into this girl, she isn’t the best singer but she can be very good. I just don’t understand what this girl is meant to do, and I think Simon Cowell is right, Cheryl doesn’t know much about her. I can only say this though, no-one deserves to be eliminated rightfully until Wagner is out. Yes the Brazilian is still here and guess who is backing him….. Robert Pattinson, he’s told the mirror ‘I love this guy, He doesn’t have the best voice, but he enjoys what he does and I respect him for that’, well to be honest ‘Rob’ I don’t respect you for that, isn’t anyone else tired of Louis Walsh trying the same thing as last year, getting an act who doesn’t deserve to be on the final shows and getting the novelty vote and probably a lame single afterwards or maybe even an ITV 2 show.

My favourite Cher Lloyd is apparently rapping again this week, which I don’t see as a bad thing, I don’t mind her singing/rap segments, it’s actually quite funny when people criticize her performances, well she isn’t bookies favourite for nothing. Since the live shows started I’ve seen status after status ‘she can’t sing’, ‘she thinks she’s a g’ ‘she’s a chav and can’t sing’ etc, then when the week she sings ‘Stay’, silence from the Facebook status department, funnily enough Cher has being quoted as to why she sung that song, apart from her Uncle dying and she couldn’t attend his funeral it was also because of this, she said it was ‘payback to people who have been nasty to me, and also to show people I can sing’.

Other snippets of news, Aidan Grimshaw says he will move or dance on stage, big band week is apparently axed and Belle Amie ‘don’t want to fade away’, well unless that’s the title of your new single girls, you’re going to.
Anyway here are the rumoured song choices for a few of the contestants this week, ‘American anthems’:

  • Katie Waisell – No Doubt – ‘Don’t speak’
  • Cher Lloyd- Jay Z and Alicia Keys – ‘Empire state of mind’
  • Mary Byrne- Faith Hills There you’ll be’
  • Treyc Cohen- Aerosmith ‘I don’t want to miss a thing’
  • Wagner – Elvis Presley ‘Viva Las Vegas’
  • One Direction – Kris Allen ‘No Boundaries

These are only rumoured choices by the way, just apparent leaks. And don’t you think the show is finding different ways to make it as main stream as possible with the themed weeks. Band week has been thrown of the window, we’ve had Halloween night, and American hits nights and now American Anthems.

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  1. bobby280 says:

    Am I able to PM/email you through wordpress? I have a proposition…

  2. channy says:

    okay so great article but just to be pedantic its been and think rather than being and thing. Other than that though good article.

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