X-factor Results night update #1

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Amazingly in the space of a day the X-factor rumour mill has gone crazy, more stories are out before one act is eliminated by the public tonight, which probably means one more week for the ‘fun’ Wagner. What did I think of last night? Last night was probably the most lacklustre show of this series, the contestants (apart from Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson) didn’t seem to be up for it so it could go either way tonight, I reckon Miss Waissel will definitely be in the bottom two tonight because her performance was out of tune in parts and she seemed distant from the microphone and I also think Mary or maybe Cher or Paije will be at risk, not because they are bad singers but because the level of the other contestants last night was far above them. I know Cher is one of my favourites and a lot of peoples favourites but last night I have to agree with Simon, Cheryl gave her an easy week. She didn’t push herself like she did the week before.

Anyway to the rumours and news before tonight’s results, last night  I witnessed Matt Cardle explain his song emotions, personally I think they should keep some things to themselves and not join the emotional bandwagon route what most contestants do every single year, but anyway yes he explained the tears and to be honest I could see why he was upset, fair play to the man, ‘My mum’s best mate was killed when I was 11 and she had four kids. My mum took on those kids and they made our family absolutely better. And the oldest one [of the kids] met his girlfriend under similar circumstances and I sang that at their wedding as she came into the church. The whole day was one of the most emotional of my life and it brought it all back.’ I think we can safely say he will easily get through tonight and so will Rebecca.

Moving on alcohol seems to be getting to the contestants, it has been reported that Matt Cardle broke the X-Factor House curfew after a row with Katie and left the house to get wasted with his friends, its been denied of course and a spokesman said he went for a drink to relieve a tense week. Yes, okay. And Cher Lloyd has also being rumoured to of got herself in trouble with Cheryl Cole for sneaking vodka bottles into the house. I know she’s 17 and she can’t legally buy it but Cheryl but she isn’t an alcoholic is she? Well I least hope not, I would not want to think her swagger movements on stage are actually driven by drunken behaviour mind you I do see Cheryls point, if Cher is going to put her all into this competition she can’t get drunk every night. Other snippets of news includes Rebecca Ferguson was confident before having kids and having children so early in her life may of knocked the confidence out of her, good point, but your still performing breathtaking vocals every week so just enjoy it. And last but not least Simon Cowell is more than happy to have people voting to keep Wagner in, is that because it helps viewing figures to have a novelty who can’t sing on the show? Anyway here are my own predictions tonight and who I want in the bottom two.

Who I want in the Bottom two: Wagner and Mary

Who I think is at risk of being in the bottom two:  Katie, Treyc and Cher

I haven’t checked the bookies favourite to who is more likely to be going out but am guessing Katie is one of the favourites again, poor girl. She isn’t that bad.

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