Why Is FRINGE fast becoming the best TV series of the decade?

Fringe (TV series)

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As an avid L O S T fan, there was a time where I didn’t want to watch any other TV show, it was so original that I refused to believe any other TV series could beat its storyline, I grew up though and started watching other series like Prison Break, Heroes and Skins realising that they are as good to watch but nothing could beat the benchmark set by Lost. Some fans back lashed at the creators of the show (Jeffrey Leiber, J.J Abrams and Damon Lindelof) for failing to give enough answers in the story structure, I for one still loved it and it was still one of the most watched TV series in the world and it finished on a well deserved high, it did have its flaws but how can I even forget how the storyline progressed from A to B, I couldn’t forget.

Whilst Lost was still been broadcasted however little J.J Abrams sneaked off with a couple of his dudes and created something just as compelling, Fringe. At first I thought it was just going to be a Sc-fi-police-investigation show with every week the fringe division are trying to figure out who did the crime does the time, but apparently not. The story has sub-plots that drive the main plot beyond the imagination, I can honestly say its the smartest storyline I’ve ever witnessed on TV and quite a few people have said this. J.J Abrams learnt from the mistakes made in Lost and rectified them in this show, slowly but surely giving answers rather than leaving them unanswered, keeping things a mystery yet shooting out amazing plot twists. I honestly can’t believe how they managed to construct such a healthy storyline to where they are at now in series 3, I can’t see any series being a flop, even the series finales are full of information. The actors/actresses they bring in to play out one episode sub-plot are always really good. And to be the fair the cast’s acting is at the top of the game.

It’s such a shame it won’t replicate the same success as Lost but it’s still just as successful in America. Thank you J.J.

Fringe returns with the second half of season three in USA this week, and will return shortly after in the UK, so keep an eye out for it!

By Daniel Hart

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