Apprentice series 6: Advertising

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Did anyone feel it was one of them episodes where you felt that you could do better than most of them Candidates? Thats what I felt in this weeks Apprentice. The two groups were assigned to make a cleaning product, preferably for the kitchen for all surfaces. The project managers for this episode were Christopher Farrell and Alex Epstein. No team deserved to win this at all. They were both c**p to be honest, never seen so many dumb ‘wannabe’ businessmen in one room before trying to figure out how to design a bottle for a cleaning product, I mean they didn’t even need to design the shape. The only candidate I felt sorry for last night was Laura Moore, she even asked Alex and the rest of the team if they would assign her with a task and they wouldn’t give her one or let her get involved, which is quite stupid and nearly got her booted from the show.

I actually like Alex Epstein, he was a enthusiast and used good sentences to get his point across, I reckon he was given the blame for everything because he looked vulnerable this episode. I don’t like Chris Bates now he has shown his true colours. He thinks he knows what he’s doing but he didn’t even question the colour of the bottle (which was by far the stupidest mistake of the show, red and white, I don’t want to destroy my kitchen thanks) and went crazy with the advert when it needed to be simple. And then he sits there all smug in the boardroom acting like Alex was to blame for everything. The other team got off lightly, what an earth was their project manager Chris doing auditioning for the ‘sexiest’ Milf, and he can’t even act. It was like he was acting like a horny teenager and used that opportunity to live in his dream world! And he looked like such an idiot in the advert it was a cringe-worthy moment I couldn’t even watch.

Anyway I am glad Alex is gone, he wasn’t up for the job but please get rid of the laziest contestant ever Sandeesh Samra, how Alex hasn’t noticed that she does nothing yet stays in the process is beyond, she annoys me greatly. Am considering starting a campaign to bring forward the episode where she gets fired.  Joking of course but, yes, go!

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