X-factor Update for this week: Fix Claim

'oh sod it' was the words whilst she nestled on the floor.

As Rebecca Ferguson and Matt Cardle remain bookies favourite things are heating up in the X-factor rumour mill this week and shamefully the news is clouded by what happened at the weekend. Katie and Cheryl are in the middle of it all. In the light of the ‘controversial’ elimination of Treyc Cohen last week, now there is a public backlash against Cheryl Cole threatening to destroy the integrity of the show. According to these conspiracies our little Miss Cole knew Treyc would go out if she refused to vote because she wants Katie Waisell to remain in the competition, infact the conspiracy states that the Show wants to keep Katie in because she provides the material to be a celebrity and adds to the entertainment of the show. Okay, lets all step back for one moment, if the show was a fix to keep Katie in, why put the pressure on the judges by putting her in the bottom 2? Why not rig it and keep her out of it? Doesn’t make sense to me, and lets face it, why is everyone caring about the all-time-great Treyc now she’s out? It seems to be the minority of the public viewers that want it to be a fix just for an excuse to have ago at the show and Cheryl of course.

In all this mess, if you want to call it that, Treyc’s sister has also called this show a fix and that we should all boycott the show because Katie is a freak. We should all listen to this girl, she makes sense don’t you think? That she believes 10 million viewers will boycott the show just because she believes it’s a fix, what a worthless piece of news.

Cher Lloyd has also got involved in all this. She feels bad for Cheryl and offers her support and is even being quoted saying ‘I know it sounds weird but it’s kind of like having two of your kids and giving one away. Can you imagine that? It would be weird and you wouldn’t be able to do it. So I do feel for her and everyone else out there should feel for her as well’. Yes Cher it’s exactly like that on this singing competition, giving one of your children away, yes. Simon Cowell is furious of course that people even think the show is fixed and wouldn’t even dream of defrauding the show and conning viewers, it’s rumoured that he may bring in a 5th judge to stop the image that it might be a fix and resolve matters, he’s also reportedly furious at Dermot O Leary for suggesting it was set up which Dermot as categorically denied. But to end all matters Ofcom have come out and said that there is no evidence to suggest that the public vote is rigged for the outcome of the bottom two and the show is allowed to do whatever they want with the bottom 2. So now that’s under the carpet let’s bringing you snippets of news.

Katie is reportedly having hypnotherapy to overcome her stage fright and is rumoured to be singing Elton John’s The Bitch is Back. Wise song choice if that is true. Not, I do get the feeling the show will make this girl depressed if she carries on, and it will be uncomfortable viewing if she breaks down live, mean while Waissel’s sister slams the internet bullies, well so she should, in fact no family member deserves to go through what Katie is going through. The public are fickle. To all you betting people, the new ‘psychic octopus’ Ollie the Octopus has backed Danni’s category The Boys to win, trust the octopus! That’s according to shopping comparison website Kelkoo. And surprise surprise Katie is bookies favourite to get eliminated this weekend. And last but not least it has being reported that the producers may be doing a surprise double elimination, Simon reckons it will ease viewers minds that it’s not a fix. Well I hope it works Simon,  because it seems to be getting worse every year the fix investigation, and you seem hot under the collar for once about this once. Normally you just dust it off your shoulders. Sort it out!

Whether you believe in the fix or not. I’m sure this weekend will bring more drama to our TV sets. Enjoy.

3 Comments on “X-factor Update for this week: Fix Claim”

  1. Dawn Hart says:

    Yes I think Cheryl made it difficult by refusing to vote one of her acts out, at the end of the day that is her ‘role’ as Dermot pointed out to her, I guess it made good viewing though? I personally like many others felt Treyc was the better singer but is missing that spark, Katie is a bit like ‘marmite’ but she has a unique style which maybe simon and Cheryl feel it will take her further into the competition, I love the style of this blog and Moviehart has added an interesting twist to last Saturdays show, look forward to reading next weeks.

  2. Neil Hart says:

    great blog, right on the money! Treyc was not good enough to win but seemed a nice person. ‘Miss Cole’ played the game well hope it doesn’t destroy the integrity of the show. Matt or Aiden to win 🙂

  3. I’m glad to see Matt is a favourite to win, I think he deserves it. Bless his little cotton socks. Good work Danny mate, keep it up.

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