Quick snippet of film news, lady gaga, Harry Potter and more

IMG_0566 Lady GAGA

Image by SpreePiX - Berlin via Flickr

Unfortunately I have been hit by the gaming flu. Yes Call of Duty Black Ops, so I’ve only just managed to take my finger out and make a blog before I shoot off to work.

Perhaps the most bizarre news of the day, which actually is weird but hardly surprising because this woman can do anything weird now and it seems normal. Lady Gaga is reportedly going to appear in a ‘Muppets film’. And for some reason I don’t think I should believe it, perhaps her kind of film but won’t she have better things to do than parade with puppets? I could see her being a quirky spy in a film somewhere, she would suit that.

And now the world premiere of Harry Potter has emerged it seems the critics are in-fact, split so far. The first instalment of the final book has either got a critic praising its last work or saying it was pretty disappointing, The daily express reviewed it saying  it was ‘gritty and intense’ and the daily telegraph described it as ‘terrific’ which is a boost for fans out their meanwhile The Empire regarded as a serious magazine movie reviewer put a downer on the ratings by explaining ‘Yet what should feel fresh and urgent, a cross-country chase flick, is bogged down for long stretches by a curse of Excrucius Overplottio’

Am sure regardless of reviews every book fan or film fan will go watch this. I mean we’ve waited 10 years for the ending, and even though most of us know the ending am sure they will want to see how its played out in the second instalment.



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