Has Katie Run Out Of Chances?

X Factor (Netherlands)

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X-factor is growing near, but tonight really isn’t about the singing or who is favourite to win, its about the votes and who is going out. I think Katie Waissel’s numbers are up. Personally I don’t think she has done much wrong, she has messed up on a few songs, she’s cried a bit, and she’s survived a few bottom 2’s, if that’s worthy of public hate then TV is attracting the wrong viewers, I mean Wagner is still in, and people think its definitely a fix because Katie is still in, get me drift?

Either way, If Katie does the most outstanding vocal in human history she will go. She’s now reportedly fell out with Cheryl Cole so to all those who believe everything that is fed to them by newspaper will now transfer Cheryl into their good books. I really can’t see any other out come, firstly its meant to be a double elimination and secondly if it goes down to public vote she goes, if its a fix she goes because the producers don’t want to think its a fix.

There’s not much to choose from in regards to song choices or song rumours because its 10 in the morning when writing this and song rumours or choices aren’t released till mid afternoon. Apparently Katie is singing The Bitch Is Back By Elton John which she has took insult for and is the whole reason she has ‘fallen’ out with Cheryl, so she maybe singing Saturday Nights Alright (For fighting). And another one slowly becoming a weak link in the show Mary Bryne is reportedly singing Can You Feel The Love Tonight by Elton John. All contestants will be taking on Elton John Songs, it has been reported.

Do you believe in the rumours surrounding the show? Is it a fix like it is claimed every single year? Or do you think all this is a bit unfair on the show and Katie and Cheryl?

Have your say, below.


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