X-factor Last Night Was Much Like The Boxing…

She delivers the performance of the night with 'candle in the wind'

A night that promised much to be fair, not only was the most ‘heated’ fight in British Boxing on the horizon but after all the controversy in X-factor as well there was a lot of TV to be watched.

Like Audley Harrison some acts just didn’t live up to what they said they would do and just like the Fight it didn’t get good till later. Was it me or did it seem that Danni Minogue had perked up a little bit last night, maybe she feels cocky because she isn’t drowned by the controversy, she looked complacent, snapping away at Louis Walsh but weirdly enough I felt like I was agreeing with him on a couple of acts. Paije wasn’t good enough after last weeks performance, and he could probably try harder or pick harder songs to sing. He isn’t going to win, fact. And I feel like Cheryl Cole has thrown in the towel with Katie. You would think after all the media throwing as much at the girl  as possible Cheryl would at least give her something to work with like the performance of her life. Instead she gave her a quick tempo Elton John song that will not of touched the viewers hearts or made them sympathise with her, so looks like Miss Cole is going to concentrate on Cher and Rebecca.

Speaking of Cher, if anyone on this show can mix Eminem’s mockingbird with Elton John’s Sorry seems to be the hardest word, and make it sound like a hit single, then they are surely worthy and credible of winning the show, I don’t think enough people give her enough credit. It’s a shame most people have jumped on the Matt Cardle bandwagon and with the performance of the night with Rebecca it’s a shame there is an outright favourite already, hopefully it changes. But Matt did the usual good performance, I personally didn’t rate it that much but he’s not going out, he’s got a seat in the final.

So who will get the Knock out blow tonight, and will it be a double elimination? Who knows but I do hope the weak links go and not someone who deserves to still be there. Here are my predictions and who I think are in trouble tonight.

Bottom 2: Katie and Paije

Possibly in danger: Wagner (Because once again he can’t sing) and Mary

If there is a a bottom 3 my prediction is: Katie, Paije and Mary

2 Comments on “X-factor Last Night Was Much Like The Boxing…”

  1. Almost spot on with the bottom two predictions mate.

    • moviehart says:

      I’m so gutted Paiji wasn’t in the bottom 2, would of being such a perfect prediction after a weekend analysing the show. Its being pretty hard to review this weekend actually. The show has its ups and downs with the fix claims and poor performances then it hits straight back with amazing performances. Hopefully the following week will be better.

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