Inception Revisited: Setting The Bench-Mark

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Rarely do I give a film a film of the year title so early but I’m seriously considering giving this one a Hall Of Fame already. Inception could of being a horror film, a sloppy 3D film or one of them films where there’s action no dialogue for 90% of it. But Christopher Nolan decided to keep it a Sci-fi/thriller which suits the mood of the film perfectly.
Let me give you a little history to this film, Chris here wrote the story  for Inception 10 years ago and originally pitched it to Warner Bros. But what makes this guy a good director and productive is he could of make this film 9 years, but decided to gain experience in other large scale films before he made this one. You get Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and what brilliant films they turned out to be. The concept of inception is so simple, yet the film makes it seem like a mind-blowing concept. The plot production must of been a head-scratcher not only because the film had to define 4 levels of dreams, but to also convert it into different perceptions of time. The deeper you delve into levels of dreams the faster time goes, here’s a swift example, 10 seconds in level 1 would be 10 minutes in level 2, an hour in level 3 and 10 years in level 4. That’s not the exact science of it but you get the drift. And the fact that you understand this concept in the film makes you think doesn’t it. They could of properly messed up the complexities and explained it wrong but they didn’t.

The film also manages to give empathy to the audience, its quite emotionally driven. The main character Dominic Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) has a deceased wife who haunts him in his dreams, and the reason she is dead is because he used the idea of inception on her. There is actually a certain scene in the film that explains how his wife killed herself and it actually makes you feel upset and for a film that is mostly based on science fiction terms I was pretty surprised that it hit me hard. The main plot of the film is that Dominic has to build a dream world to plant an idea in someone’s head for Mr. Saito and in return he gets to go back home. The reason he can’t go home is because the police believe he killed his wife but luckily Mr. Saito has contacts and enough money to call off the police. By planting a dream in Robert Michael Fischer Jr to making him think that he doesn’t need to take over his dying fathers business (which is affecting the stocks and shares in Mr. Saito’s) but to make his own business seems a large task for Dom. Sounds complicated I know but the film explains it good enough. The main plot driving the story forward is that Dominic Cobb wants to see his children back at home again and also getting rid of his wife from his dreams.

The acting in this film is really good, DiCaprio is having a good year to be honest, his Performance in Shutter Island was frame perfect and now Inception, I think he’s set for a male actor award soon. Other performances that stood out is the architect of the film, and when I say Architect I mean the person who creates the dream world by pure imagination. This person is Ariadne, a graduate student played by Ellen Page. She stands out in the film just as much as Leonardo and I think these two stole the lime light, in my opinion of course.

What I enjoy most about this film is it sets the bench mark of How to make a good film. And Christopher Nolan is giving a perfect example to young upcoming producers and directors out there of how to take your time and be patient. Not only has Chris made the best batman film to be made in the Dark Knight but out of his time from making bat man films he managed to make one of the best films of the year with Inception. He could of easily made this a dramatic horror action film and not given it much thought, but then it wouldn’t of been successful.

I don’t want to give this film 5 stars out of 5 but I am really tempted to. I can’t think much wrong with it. Even the musical score is perfect.
I’ve actually just sat here for 5 minutes and tried to think of a negative to bring it down.

But I give up.


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  1. Great article mate, going to go out of my way to check this out now. Good work.

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