The Apprentice UK series 6: DVD selling

your fired!

It’s time to celebrate Folks, Sandeesh Samra has got the famous line ‘your fired’. Been a long time hasn’t it. I’ve never disliked a candidate so much for being lazy. She only tried to shine when she was project manager, ironically tonight. Am not saying she was a bad person, she was in-fact quite smart, but hiding yourself to the final cannot work in this kind of show.

Tonight’s show was a really good episode, the two teams had to sell personal DVDs to the public by putting them in a blue screen movie, Stuart’s team chose to do racing cars and aimed it at children and Sandeesh’s team decided to do skiing for all ages, reading the info for tonight I didn’t like the sound of it but like Sir Alan said himself, it took the candidates out of the comfort zone. I wanted Sandeesh to go out but not to such an idiot, the other project manager tonight was Stuart Baggs, how annoying is he can I ask. He was lucky to even win tonight, he cannot lead the group. If they gave him feedback he ignored them and when there was no feedback he kind of pretends that they have given them feedback and puts words in their mouths and explain that is his overall decision. And he is also cocky as well. Be cocky if your being a good business man, he isn’t even close to being a paper boy never mind working in business, Stuart-to-go campaign under way already.

The costs between the two teams were quite close tonight. Sandeesh’s team would of won if they didn’t open their stall in the mall an hour later.

So now Sandeesh is gone I’m still not sure who I think is going to win, but just for fun I’ll give you a prediction for winner. My prediction at this moment in time is Jamie Lester because so far he hasn’t done anything crucially wrong, he speaks well and he has done consistently well in all tasks.

Next week is Crisp Selling, lets see what this brings.

One Comment on “The Apprentice UK series 6: DVD selling”

  1. Tim says:

    It was about time Sandeesh went, but her team’s loss was only partly down to them opening their stall late (those sort of stalls only start getting really busy from lunchtime on when shoppers with kids are getting tired and welcome the distraction). Their over-spending and the disastrous decision to cut prices had a bigger impact.

    Still, Sugar ultimately fired the right person. As you say, Sandeesh never really stuck her neck out. Even last night as PM, she still tended to make the easy – and usually wrong – decisions.

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