X-Factor Has Gone Three-Way

Simon Cowell at the National Television Awards...

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It has taken a few weeks, but finally, there is now a solid ‘top three’ which the bookies are predicting to be in the  X-Factor finals; Matt Cardle, Rebecca Ferguson and One Direction are the favourites as of now. I don’t want to burst One Direction’s bubble, but I don’t believe the hype when Simon Cowell says this is the first time he believes a group can win the competition. Does he have problems remembering the previous series?… JLS anyone? I think they had a better chance to be the first group to win than these lads. I do give it to them though, they do give it their all every week, but I’m not a fond believer of put-together groups; there’s no original flair.

As for the rumour mill, as always, they are flying in thick and fast, although there are a few that stood out however. I am quite glad the FIX-Factor claims have died down a little since the outburst. I was fairly shocked that Aiden Grimshaw left over Katie Waissel in the bottom two last week, but I wasn’t surprised; at least her performances can make you smile, a little. And with Simon Cowell accused even further about knowing the voting figures, the producers have rejected this rumour, and are even filing a complaint against an un-named magazine to the Press Complaints Commision. This isn’t the first time the show has been accused of such allegations, so why are they getting angry about it now?

I think Louis Walsh has accepted the fact he can’t win now, because he’s now turned bitchy and turning on one of the favourites, who he praises week in week out; and it’s the lovely Cher he’s attacking. Walsh, recently told Closer magazine that Cher is moody, miserable and out of control. How old is Cher? 17? What are you expecting from a teenage girl, Louis? All teenagers have their highs and lows of the day. How is that, in any way, a credible reason to attack her for? And what annoys me the most is that the X-factor is already shrouded with rumours and allegations; don’t add fuel to the fire and try to make out another contestant has lost it! And sticking to Cher, Jay-Z is reportedly hoping to sign her and Katie. I would believe him, trying to sign Cher… but not Katie. What would Katie add to Jay-Z’s business?

I found it funny last week, when Simon told Paije that he couldn’t win the show now after his song choice, as Paije has now come out and said he is ‘insulted’. Well to be honest, Simon is right, you’re not going to win, Paije. Just being honest…honest!
And now for a quick snippet of news, Katie says the ‘boos’ are gut-wrenching. Obviously, I do feel sorry for her though, so I’m not going to add to the abuse she already gets. Matt Cardle said Aiden was like a brother to him, awww..get over it. He didn’t get enough votes. And finally, Cher says everyone is in for a big surprise this week. Well, if it’s better than the week she sang ‘Stay’, then I’m all ears.

This week is ‘The Beatle’s theme’, which I think is a well chosen theme. I think we’re in for some outstanding performances from this one.

WARNING! SONG SPOILER ALERTS! Here are the song choice rumours:

Katie Waisell – ‘help’

Rebecca Ferguson- ‘Yesterday’

Cher Lloyd- John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’

One Direction – ‘All you need is love’

Matt Cardle- ‘Come together’

Paije Richardson – ‘Let it be’

Mary Byrne – ‘Something’

Wagner- A medley of  ‘Get back’, ‘Hippy hippy shake’, & ‘Hey Jude’

According to reports, it’s going to be a double elimination for the next two weeks. Here are my bottom 3 predictions if this is the case:
Bottom 3: Katie, Paije and Wagner.


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