Scrubs Season 9…But is it really?

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So, as you may or may not know, season 9 of the hit American Comedy-drama programme, Scrubs, has commenced in the UK. And here we all were thinking it came to an end, with John “JD” Dorian’s heart-filled, yet incredibly emotional send-off as he left the beloved Sacred Heart hospital we all know and love. Now, me, being one of the biggest fans of Scrubs that I know (I quote it on a  daily basis), was ecstatic when I heard of the new season, and literally could not wait to watch it. However, what followed once I had heard about the plot and seen the first couple of episodes for myself, was a bit of a disappointing, yet unsurprising outcome.

The first episode, ‘ Our First Day of School’, sets the scene with a brief introduction to the ‘new’ setting for the gang, roughly 18 months after ‘My Finale’, the final episode of season 8. Well, I say gang, although it’s not entirely the gang we know from season’s 1-8 of Scrubs, with a number of new additions..and sadly, with a few short of the old cast. The story now seems to be focusing around the character, Lucy Bennett (played by Kerry Bishe), who slowly, but surely, will take over as the main star of the show. Drew Suffin, (played by Michael Mosley) is also a new addition; a somewhat reserved character, making a second attempt at becoming a doctor, along with Cole Aaronson (played by Dave Franco); an arrogant womanizer.

The second this episode starts, you can notice a big change in the general style of the programme, including the comical aspect, aswell as the dramatic, although the style does still seem to partially mirror that of the older seasons. You would expect this change, though, as even though it is still Scrubs, technically it is a spin-off from the ‘original’ Scrubs, and therefore is also known as ‘Scrubs: Med School’. However, the true fans who have been watching Scrubs from the start will have noticed this change in style arising in season 7, and particularly, season 8.

Fortunately though, Scrubs lovers will be pleased to know that there is still the hint of general Scrubs-ness, and (if you havn’t seen the first episode yet, you may want to look away), the re-uniting of arguably the best duo on tv, JD and Turk! Although another massive downside to this this season ( another spoiler coming up, although it had already been ruined for me), is that JD does once again, leave, in the 6th episode of this season. However as an upside, fans of the Scrubs genre of music will be pleased to know that so far, the soundtrack seems just as great as it used to be. Honestly, to date, I have not seen a show in which I have loved the soundtrack as much as Scrubs. Also, the song ‘Superman‘, by Lazlo Bane, which was the music for the Scrubs title sequence, has been covered by the band ‘WAZ’, for the title sequence to season 9…trust me, it will not sound right at first, but it will grow on you.

Overall, although the new seasons has only just began in the UK, Zach Braff, himself has confirmed that the new season of Scrubs, a.k.a season 9, a.k.a, Scrubs: Med School, has now been axed. Such a shame, but to be fair, true Scrubs fans such as myself would not consider this new season as the ‘original’ Scrubs. But to sum up, based on the first two episodes of season 9, the change between season 8 and 9 has had a transition which I am not particularly keen on, and I’m sure many others aren’t either. Enjoyable I guess, but it is nothing compared to season’s 1-8 of Scrubs..and I imagine it never will be.

Do make your own opinion though – be sure to catch season 9 of Scrubs every Monday on E4, at 9pm, and make your own decision if you havn’t already.

By Manpreet Singh


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