The UK Film Industry Needs To Be More Inventive

P Harry Potter

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Director James Cameron is right, the UK needs more films like ‘Harry Potter’; imagine a teenager in America when he thinks of films related to the UK – what would come to his head? Harry Potter. But that is not a good thing. We don’t have many JK Rowling’s writing books that would be perfect on the big screen, do we? I am not annoyed that as a society we turn to America to watch most films, as I do it as well, as the American film industry has way more money and it’s well, better. The quality shows. You watch a horror film from the UK, low budget and cheesy. But America? Good quality and scary. The maths also says it all – America makes the highest grossing films in the world.
The problem has nothing to do with the quality of acting, in fact we are probably just as good in the drama aspect. I mean, the dramas we produce on ITV, lets say, are up there as the best. Our TV shows don’t need to be improved as much, well apart from TV series, because like films, the best TV programmes come from across the ocean.

So what is the problem.. Poor directors? Not enough film budget? Not enough original ideas? Well whatever it may be, it needs to be sorted, not because I am tired of poor UK films, but because our reputation is at stake. Music seems to keep up with America, so it puzzles me as to why the same doesn’t apply to films. Whilst Harry Potter carries the torch maybe this will be the start of good quality and box office busting films. You think? I can’t see that happening… but we’re in luck! JK Rowling is tempted to extend the Harry Potter series.

We seem to try and compete with American films aimed at teenagers. America brings out Step up, we bring out StreetDance 3D. But how is that even a competition? Where’s our Avatar? Where’s our Inception? I think it’s solely to do with budget, and if that is the case, the government need to make more effort and inject cash into the industry.

By Daniel Hart

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