‘The Walking Dead’ – Worth A Watch? Or Should We Be Walking Away?…

A participant of a Zombie walk, Asbury Park NJ...

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When I first heart about this new American series, I wasn’t really bothered about it to be honest; same old zombie routine, everyone’s a zombie, everyone dies one by one blah blah blah…However, after watching the first episode of this six-part series, although it did run along the general lines of typical zombie flick principles, I couldn’t help but notice that there was some uniqueness to it.

The programme is based around Rick Grimes (played by British actor, Andrew Lincoln), an American sheriff living in a small town in the state of Georgia, who after waking from a coma, finds that the town is swarming with the undead. The programme starts off with a scene of Grimes after he has awoken from the coma, before going back a few steps to show what happened to him before he became coma-induced.

Seeing as this programme aired on the FX channel, I wasn’t expecting much, in terms of general quality, and also special effects-wise, but I was surprised to find a programme with a good structure, and great special effects which exceeded my expectations. And I’ll say now, with the quality of these special effects, this programme is definitely not one for the faint-hearted.

Acting-wise, all of the characters so far seem to do a pretty good job. I always find a programme which is in touch with the audience on an emotional level to be a good one, and this seems to do it reasonably well. I will not give any examples as I don’t want to ruin any further areas of the story; but what I will say is that so far, it appears to be a well structured story which is leading somewhere, intertwining with a number of sub-plots which seem interesting enough to keep viewers watching.

I also enjoyed the slight comical twist on the situation, in that even though there is a post-apocolyptic zombie crisis going on, the characters still seem to occasionally display somewhat positive and humourous attitudes. The music which blends into the closing credits is also something I enjoy about the programme,  impacting the viewers with a somewhat eccentric view on the whole plot mixed with a sense of doom, giving an oddly less serious perspective on the whole programme.

Overall, from hearing about this programme, to having seen it, my attitude towards it has generally changed from a negative view, to quite a positive one.  From having seen only the first episode, I have already been drawn into the programme, and look forward to watching the remainder of the episodes. This programme has potential, and I think there is more to come in the remainder of the programme, making it worth watching.  I would recommend this programme to all, whether you love zombies or not.

Be sure to catch ‘ The Walking Dead’, every Friday at 10pm on the FX UK channel.

By Manpreet Singh.


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