X-Factor Update: After The Storm

The X Factor (Australia)

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The last two weeks have been crazy let’s just face it, the show has turned into a circus, firstly Katie survives in the bottom two and with that eliminates Aiden Grimshaw and then a week later Katie goes through with ease and also Wagner putting poor Paije And Cher in the bottom two. I’ve no idea who is safe or who is going to win at this moment, were back to square one and with Matt Cardle reportedly showing his aggressive side to every contestant, apparently, we now have a show with out a clear favourite, a good thing? Yes, of course but I do think the show isn’t getting enough good performances recently. Matt in recent weeks has commented of his dislike with Wagner, the thought of him winning makes him thinks it’s a joke (he’s right though). But now he’s told himself to shut up, don’t shut up please, I want Wagner out too. Moving on, this week is ‘Rock’ week. Not my favourite week I have to admit but it did start last years winner off Joe McElderry with ‘don’t stop believing’, does anyone remember him? Vaguely? Thought so. Cher hasn’t voiced her concern over rock week and has stated that ‘she likes a bit of rock’, Awh do you. Well please try harder this week because IHartMovies has chosen you as their favourite, and its embarrassing when you’re in the bottom two.

It could be a hard week for Mary Bryne because she is apparently suffering from alot of throat problems, so let’s see how she pulls it off again, because apparently last time she had throat problems she had Laryngitis(research it) and then she came out and sang her best performance, am sorry but if you have that throat infection you can’t sing, simple. Remember Diana Vickers?

As for Song choices, there is not a solid list but I do know that all acts are singing two songs, so the show has being extended, two Wagner performances, sighs, I will update this blog when the song choices are released. If Wagner wins by the way, the show will surely have to axe, just a thought. I do plead to you all if you do vote, do please vote for anyone but Wagner, just for the good of the show. He is there for a joke and he knows it.


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