Meet our Gamer: Exclusive University Project

iHartMovies are doing an exclusive two week blog on a university project on the casual gamer. Me (Daniel Hart), Atiqur Rahman Thahid, Nick Eastburn, Mohammed Ali Jarwan and Shane Walkley have been doing a 2 month project based on socialisation and video games.

Meet Mo, our case study – the casual gamer, whose spare-time hobbies  involve playing video games. He’s an avid gamer, and now you’re probably thinking he’s obsessed with games? Has no friends? And hides himself in his dark room, the light from his TV glowing around him, and then he goes to sleep, wakes up and turns on his video game console again?
Well in actual fact, despite all of the controversy around games these past few years, that it provokes violence and stops children from socialising, it has been proven by top doctors around the world that it in fact improves social skills. Weird, huh? And as a project, we’re going to provide you with information, questions, blogs, polls and finally, an interactive documentary video to help you change your mind and attitudes towards video gaming.

So what do you think about gaming? Do you find yourself socialising less when you’ve finished your errands for the day and find yourself sitting next to a humming console? Or do you think overall in life, it has actually improved your social skills?

Let us know your thoughts.

By Daniel Hart


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