How This Project Started.

No Video Games

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Our project about video games started in September when we were asked to do a project using different media formats to solve a problem of our choice. All 5 of us are pretty into games, not addicted, but we can play for a good few hours. As this was the one interest the whole group had in common so we pursued this idea. At first we thought we’d host a Fifa Tournament at the Manchester Metropolitan Student Union and show that people do come together and socialise whilst playing video games but after much brainstorming we decided not do that (fun though it would have been). Instead we came up this as our problem: A lot of people assume that playing video games is detrimental to people’s social skills but this is not necessarily true’.

But how are we going to do this? Well, at first we decided on doing a documentary and attempt to get it shown in top retail stores and 3rd party gaming places but we realised this was too much of a big task for our low budget and not many big companies would be interested. Then the light bulb turned on, the world wide web, what better way of getting our film seen by as many people as possible? We then scrapped the documentary idea and decided on to make our video more fun and make it not only interactive, but factual and a quiz.

As I write this the film is currently in the editing stage, so for now here is a poll which I would like you to answer.

By Daniel Hart

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