X-Factor Semi-Final, Who Will Go?

Simon Cowell Plaque

Image by jayneandd via Flickr

Last night wasn’t cringe-worthy because Wagner wasn’t there, which was good because I couldn’t take another performance from him.

For the first time this series Simon Cowell didn’t warm to Matt Cardle, he almost mocked Matt’s illness and claimed he was ill himself but still got on with things. And then Matt’s second performance also didn’t work with Simon, will that hinder Matt’s chance of winning, probably not because he’s being favourite to win for most of the series now and I can’t see him losing, although I would like to see Rebecca or Cher winning the contract I doubt that very much however after last night’s two flawless performances from Rebecca, she has a really good chance.

Cher once again had a good week with the performances, she’s just going for it now isn’t she, I think she knows her chances of winning from the start to the series to the end are now extinguished but if she did win, then she would of won from pure determination along with abuse from the public but hopefully she makes the final which she deserves. I can’t see a final without Simon having a act, and lets face it One Direction have a huge teenage girl fan base, just like JLS did and I could see this group being in the final two next week, I ain’t a fan, they are boring.

And finally dear old Mary Bryne, could criticise her but she is too kind, I do think she should of left out the tears at the end of her second performance, like Simon said its all about reaching the final now, not bringing in emotional tactics to get more votes, but good on her, and even though I think she will go tonight she’s done well to get this far.

Hasn’t it gone quick? Next week we will have a new winner, and then the race for Christmas number one starts.

But for now a voting poll for tonight.


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