Meet The Gamer: Our Case Study, Mo.


The Gamer

Mo, The Gamer

This is our gamer, Mo, the character in our documentary. He owns a PS3 and he’s the most avid gaming fan we’ve met. As an actor in our documentary he will play out scenario’s and the viewer will then answer questions based on what they’ve seen. The interactive documentary is designed to change people’s perceptions of gaming whilst offering an unbiased view of the topic.

The reputation of gaming has gone downhill in recent years but these perceptions haven’t been completely true because it has been proven that gaming can several positive effects. Gaming can be addictive in some cases which can cause problems, however, this can be said of a lot of entertainment formats but that doesn’t make people a social outcast or violent. As I’ve been writing these blogs Panorama are conducting an investigation into gaming addiction.


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