Meet The Gamer: Why is gaming looked upon so negatively?

Grand Theft Auto (series)

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Well, with the BBC investigating Gaming addiction (which doesn’t help matters at all) it’s no surprise that gaming is looked upon in a negative light. Smoking, alcohol and drugs are all addictive but the problem of gaming addiction is much less severe. It’s only in rare cases where it affects people and most gaming brings out positivity, competitiveness and is good for socialising. I suppose it doesn’t help that gaming is one of the most profitable forms of entertainment in the world because of its wide audience.

It also doesn’t send out a great message that games like Call Of Duty and World Of Warcraft are played by people day in day out, but if it doesn’t affect their education and social life or work, then it’s not a harmful addiction and that is what we’re trying to say. Other forms of entertainment like TV, music and sport are equally as addictive but they are not highlighted as an addiction in the same way. Gambling is a type of game but we don’t class gambling as gaming because we play video games purely for fun, to escape and to enjoy ourselves. I remember when I was young and I was pretty addicted to games, I used to play day in day out, but it didn’t stop me from going out to play football in the park, it didn’t stop me from playing rugby for my team and it didn’t stop my aim of getting in education at  a university level, maybe I grew out of it but I still play games now and my social skills are not deteriorating as a result.

The worrying began several years ago when Manhunt came out and there was a few cases of violent crimes linked to the game, in some cases it was circumstantial evidence but when you have a media like the one we have in Britain it’s hard to play down incidents like this. Then there was a similar case in the United States to do with Grand Theft Auto being linked to a murder and that turned out nothing to do with the game but in fact a dispute between friends.

Apart from these rare cases gaming actually does people good and there’s not a lot of campaigns like ours that promote this idea. Even when doctors prove it helps social skills and hand eye co-ordination,  it seems only the bad aspects find their way into the mainstream media.

Our interactive documentary which looks at gaming in a less biased way will be up on youtube by next monday, so stay tuned!

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