Meet The Gamer: The Interactive Documentary is here

After weeks of finalising our ideas, writing out a proposal and finding the best way to communicate our idea, the interactive documentary has finally been made. The documentary shows facts about gaming, both the negatives and positives. It’s been a tough few weeks and at one point production was stalled because of lack of edit suites, but perseverance has been key and now we are the stages of promoting it, thanks to all who have followed these exclusive project blogs.
Below is the video which starts you off on the documentary below, make sure you press start game, remember it is interactive at various points:

All comments are welcome after you have watched it. Let us know what you think whether good or bad.

3 Comments on “Meet The Gamer: The Interactive Documentary is here”

  1. Zane Conston says:

    I have been reading your blogs since the first gaming one and I have to admit you make an impressive argument, games have always had a bad press and I always wonder to what extent is the bad press actual truth. The interactive documentary is good by the way, I hope to see more documentary by you and your team in the future.

  2. Lee says:

    Great video Daniel, as I said before. I just watched it through again and it’s still infinitely better than the Panorama garbage.

  3. Mark S Mills says:

    Hey I really like your blog, you should check this out it might help you get more visitors

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