Toy Story 3…Was 11 Years Worth the Wait?

Toy Story

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Well, of course it was (admit it, you knew it would be). Although a children’s film, we all know that we were dying to watch this the second it came out. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen lent their voices back to the big screens once again in 2010 as the duo we all love, Woody and Buzz Lightyear. The movie is set a few years after Toy Story 2, and the story focuses around Andy moving on to college and, inevitably, leaving his once beloved toys behind. The movie then moves on to the gang’s long journey without Andy, depicting their ups and downs as they continue ‘life’, and eventually moving on to what will become of them for the rest of their never-ending existence.

Along the way they are a vast amount of new characters, all of which I enjoyed and thought suited the film and the Pixar style wholesomely. I particularly found Ken’s character to be a favourite, which I found to be very funny, following the original Toy Story-style comedy. I would say that from a comical perspective, the whole movie fits perfectly in to the Toy Story brand of comedy, which is always seen in Pixar movies. Although it had its laugh-out-loud type moments and typical Pixar comedy, I found that the movie was not as comically centred as its predecessors. It seemed that it focused much more on themes relating to loss, and endurance; and you can definitely see glimpses of these themes in certain scenes of the movie.

Based around the themes, I felt there was a stronger storyline throughout this film in comparison to the first two. However, this did not ruin the fun and adventure of the movie, and the feelings of being a kid again. Just like Toy Story 1 and 2, this once again, brings out the inner child in you. Yes, this is a movie for children, but it is also something many of us older people have been waiting for, for so long. It is filled with, fun, excitement, suspense and emotionally satisfying moments…and it sure as hell has its sad moments. I won’t ruin too much for you.. but bring tissues if you’re the tearful type, because I almost cried..and I never cry. This movie is a must for all ages, and one that will be enjoyed countless times over, and will always be an all-time favourite for me, and, surely enough, for many others, and so I have decided to place Toy Story 3 as number 3 in iHartMovies’ Top Ten.


By Manpreet Singh


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