At Number 9… The Book of Eli

The Book of Eli

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In 2010, Denzel Washington returned in this post-apocalyptic set movie, about a precious item which he guards with his life, a book. Eli (Denzel Washington), travels across a desolate, empty America, ruined by war. Travelling with only himself and his backpack, he carries but one treasured possession with him, his book. Oh yeah, and his iPod.

Eli is a man who is determined to accomplish his goal, no matter what harm it may cause him. He is a man with morals, and ethics, a lone wolf. He travels the dry landscapes, before reaching a small town, where he encounters a man named Carnegie (Gary Oldman), who appears to be living as some sort of king amongst everyone else who, although seems somewhat friendly at first, to sum up, is a cold, heartless bastard, who has been searching for the book which Eli possesses; and as the movie progresses, you soon realise that he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. The movie continues with the journey Eli has been making, and is determined to continue, until he reaches his destination, and the measures Carnegie takes to possess this book, and the believed power it contains within it, along with explanations of other aspects of the movie as it progresses.

Denzel once again displays a stellar performance right from the start, creating a very well acted and convincing character; and once again, kicks some ass, giving you the satisfying goosebumps you’d expect from a Denzel Washington movie. Oldman, as usual, shows his tremendous acting abilities, once again, creating a character different to any character he’s played in any other movie. Two fantastic actors in one film, a great positive aspect of the film.

Although it is a good movie, some may agree that it is quite a slowly progressing one; and although I agree with this to some extent, I still found it enjoyable all the way through. I didn’t think it had the best ending, but I think it was a suitable and sufficiently satisfying one, and I don’t think it would have been possible to successfully end it any other way. One thing I particularly enjoyed throughout the whole of the movie, was the way the settings and locations had been portrayed, in such a grey, and somewhat dream-like manner, giving an isolated and somewhat dark, dreary and despondent feel to the film; and I feel this is majorly thanks to comic book artist, Chris Weston, who has done a great job of designing the settings and locations of the movie, giving a weird feel to the whole film, which greatly adds to its style and general feel. I felt at parts that it somewhat had a Kill Bill-esque vibe about the film, which I liked, and thought suited the movie.

Overall, I thought The Book of Eli was an interesting and enjoyable film, and unlike many other films, is one which makes you think over certain aspects and beliefs in life. Great feel to the film, and great performances. It is definitely worth a watch, and is one of the more memorable movies of 2o10.


Be sure to keep an eye out for number 8 in the list, which will be revealed tomorrow.

By Manpreet Singh

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