And At Number 8 On iHartMovies’ Top 10 is…

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The Social Network, a film I didn’t have high hopes for, a story about the guy who created Facebook, seems like a pretty bland story line. But then again, you hear about the stories about the true rights and the founder of Facebook, and you realise Mark Zuckerberg has a pretty interesting story. As the youngest billionaire to have ever lived, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have all of the perks of living the good life. In fact, creating such a popular social network created many problems, enemies, law suits and ruined friendships; and that is the theme of the film, whether or not this is true in real life (because the film clearly states it’s based on a true story), we will never know, but the character of Mark, played by Jesse Eisenberg, delivers a performance of a sarcastic, witty and arrogant man, who wants to claim Facebook as being completely his idea. He doesn’t show much emotion at all, and when Facebook gets more and more successful, and profits start coming in, you would think Mark would be jumping to the sky in excitement, but he doesn’t, because he has his own problems, knowing who to trust..and a hefty lawsuit against him.

I was a little bit surprised that Justin Timberlake starred in this film as Sean Parker (The founder of Napster), who seemingly guides Mark to success, but he delivers a good performance all the same. The Social Network plays the film out with flashbacks, with the present day mainly taking place in a room full of lawyers, and his opposition, the Winklevoss Twins, as well as his own Best Friend. It jumps between the present day and the past to how Facebook was created, and then to the finale of the film for the outcome of the lawsuit.

My only criticism would be that this film should have been made in 10 years time, where they could have explained a more in-depth insight into the life of Mark Zuckerberg, because this film has nothing that is really emotionally fuelled. The only emotional storyline in this film is Mark’s ex, who he can’t seem to get over, but that’s right at the beginning,  and she pops back up in parts; but she is quite irrelevant, and is more of a sub-plot. However, 2010 was a big year for social networking, with twitter getting bigger and celebrities getting a hold of the technology – it was probably the biggest year for social networking so far, so it made sense to bring out a film that most people can relate to.

The Social Network is a surprising top 10, it claimed a lot of good reviews from most critics and also did well in the box office, so I found it hard not to put this in the top 10. I personally liked the film and will watch it again.

What will be number 7 in the iHartMovies t0p 10? Find out tomorrow…

iHartMovies rating: 4.1/5

By Daniel Hart

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