And At Number 4…The Third Installment Of The Twilight series…

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Surprisingly, Twilight: Eclipse stepped up the game in the saga, unlike the previous two twilights, which solely concentrated on the love story behind Bella and Edward. The Eclipse intensifies the fighting scenes and brings more grit, along with the added love triangle with Jacob, which seems to be getting funnier by the film, and is finally beginning to get a little interesting.

I wasn’t expecting the Twilight saga to be so successful, but from all the hype, it seems to be getting more exciting. For all those who haven’t read the books, you will be wondering how all this mess will be resolved. Bella has the attention of the Werewolves and Vampires; Bella, one girl who seems to have some kind of fate – it’s interesting and keeps you curious as to what will happen next. The main theme of this film is the new wave of vampires raised by Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard), and her new vampire boyfriend, with her only motive seeming to be getting revenge on Edward and Bella for killing her blood-thirsty ex. This results in the Werewolves and the vampire family ‘The Cullens’, to unite and protect them both.

Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of Bella is as quirky and intense as usual, and you can’t help but praise her acting. Robert Pattinson’s role of Edward is the per usual moody, depressing, love-struck character, which never seems to change, but he does play the role of a vampire well. And as for Taylor Lautner, who I’ve criticised for his acting in the past, decides to step up to the game, and finally gives a performance to shout about.

Some will think it’s a tad crazy to have this film features in the top 10, but it has been one of the top films of the year, and a surprisingly enjoyable one too. If they keep up with the fourth installment then it will be a surprising successful saga. But let’s not fool ourselves, girls will queue for this film, regardless of whether it’s badly made or not.

iHartMovies rating: 4.2/5

The top 10 is nearly coming to a close. Stay tuned for number 3 tomorrow.

By Daniel Hart

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