And Finally, What We’ve All Been Waiting For…Number One.

Inception, one of the biggest films of 2010, and considered the best of 2010 by many, including us here at iHartMovies. And I’m pretty sure a fair few of you knew which movie would be number one because admit it, it definitely deserves the number one spot. Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight) once again displays his amazing talent as a director, bringing to life the concept of Inception, which involves the implantation of ideas into a desired individual’s mind, through their dreams, with the help of a nifty-looking briefcase-bound device.

Leonardo DiCaprio once again pushes his brilliant acting abilities to the limit, playing Dom Cobb, a highly skilled thief when it comes to invading people’s dreams to steal ideas from their sub-conscious. However, this art has made him a fugitive in this dangerous new form of espionage, and so has cost him his life he once lived, and everyone he ever loved. However, Cobb has been thrown one last life-line. An offer is made for him to be returned to his family and his old life, but one final mission must be accomplished, which at first, was considered an impossible one…Inception. Instead of stealing ideas, Cobb is assigned to delve into the dream of an individual and instead, plant an idea, and the story continues from here, only getting better and more amazing.

Right from the beginning, the whole script and acting is brilliant. The addition of Joseph Gordon-Levitt (500 Days of Summer, 3rd Rock From The Sun), who plays Arthur, was a very well-played and convincing character, and who I thought to be, one of the best performances in the movie, along with DiCaprio; and you can clearly see how well his acting abilities have developed over the years, compared to when he was in ‘3rd Rock From The Sun’ all those years ago.

Ellen Page (Juno) also displays an impressive performance as Ariadne, a college graduate, whom Cobb approached for help in creating the structure and designs of the dream worlds. Although incredibly dangerous, Ariadne’s curiosity and high level of intelligence soon causes her to become a permanent member of the team. I found the way in which they went about recruiting Ariadne interesting, as at the same time, it explains the concept of entering dreams, how one would go about it, and a range of other interesting and important bits of information which relate to the movie as a whole. There are also a range of other impressive performances from actors, including Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, and Dileep Rao, all of whom play important and interesting roles.

As the movie continues, the storyline deepens, with interesting sub-plots which soon merge into one, main, brilliant storyline. Every bit of the movie is just simply brilliant, relevant and thoroughly interesting. In fact, at one point when watching this at the cinema, I was so drawn into the film that my friend thought I was asleep and smacked my leg, telling me to wake up…ironic.

The great storyline works in a weird and wonderful way, starting off quite confusing, but making complete sense at the end of the movie, that is, if you have paid attention throughout the movie, which I found to be vital. Some people have interpreted this movie as confusing and weird, with all of the ‘levels’ of dreams, and the other dream-related concepts being a mess (without mentioning them, as I don’t want to give too many details of such an amazing movie away). All I can say to this is, if you listen and pay attention throughout the movie, you shouldn’t have any problems. Although being clever does help…but seriously, this film is quite ‘outside the box’, and as a result, does require a lot of thinking outside the box, and accepting the concept of Inception.

One thing you can’t say about many movies, is that the musical score was amazing. However, in this movie, the musical score was amazing. Excluding obvious films, such as Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, and The Dark Knight, I never thought the musical score of a movie would be of any significance. But for Inception, even from the trailer alone, I loved the musical score. It’s the best way to describe it. And this is thanks to composer, Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight, Batman Begins), who brought much of the movie to life, with the incredible musical score throughout the whole movie, particularly with the BRMM! all know what I’m on about.

To sum up, this movie is brilliant, and definitely the movie highlight of 2010 in my opinion. It is such a simple and original idea, invading dreams, turned into a brilliant and complexly made concept, lasting just over 140 minutes, and to be honest, I really wouldn’t have minded if it lasted longer..although if it were a dream I’m sure it would seem much shorter than that…

From beginning to end, it is just great, and is one of those rare movies which makes you re-evaluate your thoughts on what you think and know – in this case, on the concept of reality. And for all of these reasons, and probably many more, we at iHartMovies, have decided to place Inception as our Number One in the Top Ten of 2010.


By Manpreet Singh

Thank you to those of you who have taken interest in this iHartMovies exclusive, and have read both mine and Daniel Hart’s posts, and we hope you have enjoyed them. Be sure to stay with us for the usual movie news and reviews, and more upcoming exclusives.

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