Mr Anderson. I’ve Been Expecting You…Again. The Matrix Returns!

Matrix Reloaded

Image by Raffaele Annunziata via Flickr

It’s official, Keanu Reeves has confirmed that The Matrix 4 and 5 are coming. In a recent event at the London International School of Performing Arts, Reeves spoke about his career span, when giving a speech to a class about his upcoming flick, Henry’s Crime. Although mentioning 47 Ronin, and  Bill & Ted 3, the obvious big news was the announcement was that of the new Matrix scripts, which have been completed.

Reeves revealed that he met up with The Wachowski Brothers during the Christmas period, who told him that they have completed scripts for the next two installments. It has been said that the films will also be gracing the big screen in 3D, and that talks have already began with  James Cameron, about the pros and cons of using 3D technology. Seems like a good idea.

Reeves also added that he is excited to be working once again as Neo on the next two Matrix movies, claiming that the ‘treatments will truly revolutionize the action genre like the first Matrix did’. 

And can I just add, thank god that they’re deciding to make another installment, because let’s be fair, the ending to The Matrix Revolutions, to sum up, was pretty shit.

By Manpreet Singh

A recent update shared on the internet after this update suggests that this information may not actually be true, and was fabricated. More can be seen on the link below:,50499/

Kudos to DynamicLoading, for pointing this out,


3 Comments on “Mr Anderson. I’ve Been Expecting You…Again. The Matrix Returns!”

  1. Jonathon says:

    This was confirmed as most likely bogus earlier today. His appearance at the school was fabricated by someone called “El Nino”. Here’s the link:,50499/

    On the plus side, two more Avatar sequels have been confirmed for 2014 and 2015 😉

    • moviehart says:

      Oh dear, its been posted all over the internet aswell, so I won’t worry about it. And I’m not too fussed about Avatar, would much prefer more Matrix films really 😉

  2. Jonathon says:

    It’s only just been disproved – officially only within the last hour or so; unless you were checking the internet every two minutes, you wouldn’t have seen it. I only noticed because it’s all over my Twitter feed.

    And I’m sure Daniel would be excited about Avatar.

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