Monumental Movies..An iHartMovies Exclusive…

Ok, so as promised, with our previous exclusive on the Top Ten of 2010 proving to be a success, we at iHartMovies have decided to present you movie lovers with another exclusive…Monumental Movies. Every week, we will hand-pick a classic film from each year, paying homage to their awesomeness. Starting from the year 1980, an outstanding movie will be picked, which we will pay our respects to, sharing our views and experiences on the movie, highlighting their remarkable moments, and generally reviewing these classic masterpieces. Although an iHartMovies exclusive, I, Manpreet Singh, will be presenting the Monumental Movies for this exclusive.

So, basically, we will choose a movie for each week, from each year, starting from 1980; and the week after, another movie will be selected from the following year, i.e. 1981, and the week after, 1982, all the way up until the present year (2011, for those of you who have forgotten). And remember, although all chosen films will be memorable, don’t be startled if a chosen movie seems unexpected or somewhat unworthy in your eyes – remember this is an iHartMovies Exclusive, not an official list of the best films, so there may be many movies that you weren’t expecting. What I can promise however, is that all chosen movies will be awesome.

So keep an eye out, as the iHartMovies Exclusive has now begun, with the movie for each year being presented every Saturday, starting from the 26th February, starting with a chosen movie from the year 1980. What will it be? Stay tuned to find out…

By Manpreet Singh


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