Why The Justin Bieber ‘Feature Biopic’ Film Is The Worst Idea This Year

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Cult followers in the entertainment world never fail to surprise me, Lady Gaga’s followers, although obsessed, are pretty much justified because of her stamp on music. Justin Bieber, a young lad of 16, came into our music world in 2009 after his success on Youtube in 2007. Usher pretty much had the lad on his doorstep after being founded by Scooter Braun. Although not a fan of this boy, and although most of his songs being quite irratating, he has been an instant international success; and he has a crazy following, an obssessive fan club.
Now, people may think this article is biased after reading the rest, just because I’ve noted I am not a fan of him, but try to understand my points here:
Justin, is 16; now think back to when you were 16, a mile-stone back then in your opinion, a minor step up into the world. You probably thought you could have a few stories to tell from being born, up to 16 years old. Add on two years, you’re now 18 (I’m not trying to patronise you here with simple maths); what a difference two years makes – you can drink, smoke, vote, go to university, and pretty much have the freedom of an adult (Although if you’re American of course all of this freedom come at 21). You probably, at that age, have way more stories to tell. Now, add on 3 years. In fact, add on 22 years so you’re now the big 40. That’s a life time in which you’ve probably seen the world for what it is, you have a ton of life experience, you’ve met a lot of people, encountered problems, and solved many issues life has thrown at you. Which brings me to my point, Mr. Bieber has only been in the industry properly since 2009 – and he’s only 16. Why make a film now which is a biopic? And what gives him the right to have a film about his life already? I find it hard to believe that a boy of 16 years of age has much to say about his life, probably the only thing worth shouting about is how he became famous. Which is always a good story.

If they made this film in 5-10 years time it would have probably been a film worth seeing. A lot of things could happen to Justin from now to then. Look at Britney Spears, for instance, she went from being a sweet girl to an ultimate press rebel, having a lot of break downs along the way. I’d rather see that than a G-Rated pile of crap showing Justin having his first baby steps (I have no idea if the movie shows this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did..with Usher clapping from a distance).

Some of you might be reading this, thinking, I am a Cult follower of Justin, I want to see him riding his first bike, I want to see him hitting puberty then getting signed by Usher. Good for you, but luckily for me, my mind isn’t easily tampered by advertising shit splattered over every media device going. But then comes my other theory. Justin Bieber probably has the most squeaky, clean celebrity image to date. Maybe they want to get this film out before his voice drops, or before he sips his first drop of alcohol and turns into another Lyndsay Lohan. Maybe, Mr. Bieber is an actual money spinning human.

But if we were to follow this example, then other stars should have a feature film biopic already. Lady Gaga? Rihanna? Usher? How come these people who have lived longer and had more success, and probably have more to talk about, don’t have their own biographical movies?
No doubt I’ll get many followers commenting, saying you’re wrong! Am I? So you agree his life is long lived and worthy of a biography already? Well we all have our own opinions.

By Daniel Hart


3 Comments on “Why The Justin Bieber ‘Feature Biopic’ Film Is The Worst Idea This Year”

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  2. Kevin says:

    Firstly can I just say that your English is actually appauling, sack your editor? Why do you even need an editor on a BLOG?

    Also, please delete that article on the X factor, I think it is rather insulting to music that you would put Diana Vickers as unique.

    • moviehart says:

      Firstly, what is it about our English that you find appalling? And is this all over the blog, or are you referring to a post in particular?

      And secondly, everyone is entitled to their opinions 🙂

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