Can Skins Series 5 Be Saved?

Freddie McLair (Luke Pasqualino) & Effy Stonem...

Image by r9M via Flickr

Skins, one of the most original teenage dramas when it first aired.
You had the likes of Tony, Cassie, Sid, and Michelle. Teenagers loved the sharp wit, the humour, and the drama of regular teenage problems in the storylines. It worked because you learnt about the characters – they all have flaws, their friendships had on-screen chemistry.

Then that cast ended (apart from Effy), and Series 3 emerged. Everyone’s expectations were high. What would the new characters be like?
Fortunately, the characters were really good; but unfortunately, some viewers didn’t like the new series at first. This could have been due to a number of reasons: they became too used to the original characters, they were not used to the new style of script, or possibly the hype and expectations made them want more than what they got.

Eventually, people warmed to Skins, it had guest celebrities, like Will Young; and people began to enjoy the characters’ mannerisms and sense of humour. Series 3 and 4 were criticised for being too deep, and not having enough fun involved. But I, personally, thought this worked in favour of the storyline.
You had Cook and Naomi, Effy And Freddy, Pandora and Thomas, JJ and the Twins, Emily and Katie – all of whom had deep, psychological, teenage problems. Cook’s was obvious, he was an abandoned child (not raised properly), so lost control. And Effy, became a partial schizophrenic. I think eventually the previous cast grew on people, and their audience started to understand the storylines.

Skins listened for series 5, which many people will heavily disagree with. They have tried to make it more fun, but the characters do not yet look comfortable on-screen. Especially the second episode of series 5, which was awful (no disrespect to any moshers reading this) but for some reason the stereotype for that episode didn’t suit how Skins works. It became disjointed, and uninteresting. Like listening to a character being deaf for 15 minutes is entertaining?
Things finally got going in the third episode however, but is it enough? I find that in the first and second episode, the show was trying to develop a storyline and character progression in a vacuum, and that, quite frankly, doesn’t work.
It needs to keep up with the same consistency as episode 3 from now, before it loses a majority of it’s viewing figures.

There will be no more Tony’s and Cook’s, or Cassies’ and Effy’s. But hopefully, it will manage to get itself out of this vacuum and produce something that they are truly capable of.

By Daniel Hart


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