The First in iHartMovies’ Monumental Movies – 1980: Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

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And so, to kick off our new movie exclusive at iHartMovies, Monumental Movies, here is the very first film, which is from the year 1980. Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, is arguably the most memorable movie out of the Star Wars saga, considered the best episode out of the six by many, and generally considered to be one of the most epic creations in the movie industry ever. Anyone and everyone, whether you’re a fan of Star Wars or not, knows about this movie, and the four most famous words ever to be uttered…” I am your father”, of course soon followed by the “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”, from a somewhat displeased Luke Skywalker…

The Empire Strikes Back, set after the events of A New Hope, in which Luke Skywalker destroys the dreaded Death Star, shows Luke and the gang fleeing to the Rebel base on the snowy planet of Hoth. On Hoth, Luke experiences an apparition of his dead mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, who tells him to travel to the Dagobah system to meet legendary Jedi Master, Yoda (voiced by Frank Oz), from whom Luke will receive training in order to become a Jedi. Soon after this, Vader and the gang discover the rebel base on Hoth, ordering a full frontal attack on the rebels, in honour of the hundreds of Stormtroopers who lost their lives on the now obliterated Death Star. During the assault on the rebels, Han Solo ( Harrison Ford) and the gang manage to escape in the Millennium Falcon, and Luke manages a quick getaway, heading to Dagobah, to meet the green legend, Yoda.

During his time on Dagobah, Luke, although skeptical at first, soon learns the ways of The Force, being trained by Yoda, in the hope that he will bring down the one at the top of the Galactic Empire, Darth Sidious, a.k.a, The Emperor, and the depraved Sith Lord, Darth Vader. After numerous events occur, which I won’t go into as I’m sure all Star Wars fans are aware of them, an inevitable confrontation towards the end of the movie shows Vader and Luke in a brutal lightsaber duel amidst the narrow platforms of Cloud City, before we see Luke hanging on the edge of a platform, with nowhere to go, right before Vader saber-chops his hand off. Then the words that send chills down every Star Wars fan’s spine are uttered, “ I am your father”, before Luke goes berserk, right before jumping off the platform as an escape from this slightly awkward situation. Although the Rebel Alliance has received an insanely huge bitch-slap, the movie ends on a positive note, as always, showing Luke safe and sound, preparing for what will be an epic battle between the Rebels and the Galactic Empire, in ‘The Return of The Jedi’.

The Empire Strikes Back is arguably the best episode out of the original three Star Wars movies, highlighting the main points of the storyline, along with the downfall of the Rebels, before the inevitable uprise. Creator, George Lucas, portrays Darth Vader, easily the best villain ever, in all in merciless glory, as he tears apart the Rebels, and rebuilds the devastated Empire. This movie is just a classic. It has the best subplots of all the episodes, easily some of the best scenes, and obviously, a brilliant script, and is pretty much the pinnacle of the epic Star Wars saga. If you haven’t watched this movie, it’s simple – Watch it.

Stay tuned, as next Saturday, the movie of 1981 will be revealed.

By Manpreet Singh

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