The Dark Knight Rises – Plot Leaked?

You read it, the latest is that the plot details for the upcoming blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises, have been leaked. Fan site ‘Batman-On-Film‘, has reported that the storyline will entail Batman’s battle against The League of Shadows, controlled by Talia al Ghul. The League of Shadows was also involved in the events of Batman Begins, run by Ra’s al Ghul (Liam Neeson).

Villain, Talia al Ghul, is supposedly known to have links with muscle-monster Bane, who will be played by Tom Hardy. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception) will be a member of The League, while Catwoman (Anne Hathaway), although a villain, will join forces with the Dark Knight towards the end of the movie, and battle it out with the League of Shadows.

Although the website insists that these reports are accurate, with comments from site viewers agreeing with this information, many are still skeptical. I know I am. But who knows? Either way, I’d like more proof on this before I accept any of the above information. And if true, who knows, perhaps Ra’s al Ghul will return from the dead, as he says in Batman Begins, “But is Ra’s al Ghul immortal?’. Not to mention that the character lived for centuries in the comic book stories, never known to have actually died. I think it would be nice to see Neeson return as Ra’s, but for now, I think we should further speculate on the events which may occur in The Dark Knight Rises, until we receive some more reliable information.

By Manpreet Singh

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