1982: First Blood

First Blood, the first in the well renowned Rambo collection, takes the place for the movie of 1982. John Rambo (Sly Stallone), is a Vietnam veteran who managed to escape from a prison camp, and is now a lone wolf, a drifter, moving from town to town. Once Rambo learns of the death of a former Vietnam war friend, he travels to the town, to be greeted by the Sheriff, Will Teasle (Brian Dennehy). After some time, it becomes clear to Rambo, that Teasle is deliberately showing disregard towards him, and Teasle soon makes it clear that drifters are not welcome in his town.

Rambo refuses to leave, and soon enough is arrested. After basically being treated like shit for no apparent reason, Rambo finally decides to put a stop to this prejudice,  and retaliates, and this is where the awesomeness of John Rambo really begins. Rambo steals a motorcycle and escapes, ultimately ending up in the woods, having lost Teasle who had been tailing him, only to find that Teasle has assembled a party to hunt him down.

From here on, it’s all adrenaline-fuelled action, from a merciless war veteran who has nothing to lose. The movie eventually ends with a full on war right in the middle of the town, between Rambo and literally, an entire army. However, the movie concludes with Rambo finally tipping over the edge, before inevitably breaking down into tears, releasing his bottled up frustrations and life-scarring memories, which have permanently affected him psychologically as well as physically. After this huge release of anger and frustration, Rambo surrenders himself to main antagonist, Trautman (Richard Crenna), before he is taken away.

This movie is great. It has a storyline good enough to not only keep you interested, but also stimulates the viewer to produce an emotional connection to the character, Rambo, throughout the whole movie. Although at first, he doesn’t seem like the friendliest guy you’ve ever seen, you feel sorrow for him, and realise the hatred that is being directed towards him for no reason. You soon feel the sheer satisfaction and adrenaline rush, as he obliterates those trying to bring him down, in brilliant yet brutal ways, with this movie being a very violent one for its time, and still quite violent to this day. Rambo shows the true meaning of being a lone wolf, surviving in the world – with the aid of his trusted knife (which I’m sure everyone wanted to own by the time they’d finished watching the movie..).

Rambo is a classic, and the first in a great set of movies; and to this day, is still going strong, with a fairly recent release of a 4th installment in 2008, titled, ‘Rambo’, both created by, and starring Sylvester Stallone; and there are even talks of a 5th installment. If you haven’t seen this yet, definitely watch it; and if you’re a fan of  highly graphical violent movies, such as myself, definitely watch the aforementioned 4th installment, Rambo, which will be sure to satisfy your gory needs. But watch First Blood first. You won’t regret it.

Watch out next Saturday, for the movie of 1983…

By Manpreet Singh

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