1984: The Terminator

The Terminator, 1984

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The Terminator, one of the most unique movies for its time, takes the place for 1984 in iHartMovies’ Monumental Movies Exclusive. I’m sure you all know the simple, yet effective plot to this movie, so to sum up, Arnold Schwarzenegger, plays a cyborg, all wired up, under living, human tissue, as a disguise, sent from the future, in an attempt to kill Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), before she gives birth to son, John Connor, who will ultimately grow up to become a leader of the resistance against self-aware machines who will inevitably take over the world. Amazing, I know. But that isn’t all; a man, Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) is sent to stop The Terminator.

In the end of the movie, with the help, yet unfortunate death of John’s father, Reese, Sarah manages to survive, destroying the Terminator. The scene shows Sarah recording a monologue for John Connor (of which some of the recordings can be heard in later movies, including Terminator Salvation). She then contemplates stuff about John and the future, before driving off into the distance. Although still a great movie, The Terminator was way ahead of its time, and as it is now, a classic. Arguably the movie that blasted Arnie’s movie career sky-high, this was the trigger for an even bigger particular movie released in 1991…

Although Arnie is clearly one of the most awesome, yet corniest actors ever, I always thought that he suited the role of the Terminator. His comical accent, mixed with a constant sense of seriousness, along with buffed up body, is the perfect combination for a killer cyborg…This movie has a simple, yet enjoyable plot, which was really something special for its time, and I suppose still is now. The special effects used, although somewhat rubbish now, were brilliant at the time, but still quite enjoyable to watch to this day nonetheless; and in particular, I’m talking about the eye scene. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch the movie.

Although I felt it was slightly slow to start with, once the movie picks up, it is thoroughly enjoyable throughout, filled with suspense, action, and beautifully crafted one-liners from our main man, Arnie. In fact, the one-liners that Arnie comes out with is one of the main reasons I like the movie, and many of his other movies for that matter. Either way, the movie is still a good one, and is one I would definitely recommend. Another great movie from hugely renowned producer, and director, James Cameron.

Also, recent movie news has it reported that Arnie will be returning to the big screen, in numerous movies, including the upcoming Terminator movie, so keep an eye out for further information. The movie of 1985 will be revealed next week…

By Manpreet Singh


5 Comments on “1984: The Terminator”

  1. MacTingz says:

    I’m currently writing a report for university about the sound design and score for The Terminator, and have been studying it in some depth.

    After recently re-watching I’ve decided it is definitely one of my favourite movies of all time. The plot, while relatively simple in premise, does feature plenty of excellently written moments. Once it gets going it really is a juggernaut of a film. The tension never stops until Sarah utters the immortal words and terminates that f*cker.

    I watched a lot of the special features and interviews with Cameron, Schwarzenegger and Fiedel whilst undertaking research for my report. There was a lot of interesting decisions made during the films development. It would have been a very different film had Lance Henriksen played the original, downplayed, blend-into-the-crowd-nobody style Terminator that James Cameron wrote.

    • moviehart says:

      Yeah, I very much agree with your comments. It was a great movie for its time, and to this day, still is. What do you think about the latest Terminator movie, Salvation? You may be interested to hear that Schwarzenegger may be reprising his role as a Terminator 🙂

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