The Black Swan: Does it impress?

Black Swan poster

Image by ario_ via Flickr

The Black Swan came out along with all the other big blockbuster films at the start of year. I for one, am not a big ballet fan, but the raving reviews came flying in so I approached the film, quietly optimistic.

However, this film isn’t a soppy ballet screening that impresses those who study dance. In fact it’s a psychological thriller about a young girl called Nina Sayers, played impressively by the stunning young actress, Natalie Portman. The young girl Nina is brought into the world by a failed ballet mum who is seeking success through her daughter’s world. It works, but what are the consequences for this kind of lifestyle? And that’s what the film tries to show.

The film shows the pressures that are put on Nina. Sex, drugs, competitiveness, keeping slim, and of course dancing. She self abuses and does anything to get the main role in ‘Swan Lake’, a highly popular show that her theatre holds. The pressure is not helped by the director, Thomas Leroy played by Vincent Cassel, who influences her to explore her sexual desire for her to truly be the white swan and the black swan of the play.

Metaphorically the film shows Nina’s personality. When she’s dark and when she’s light, so when she’s a white swan, and when she’s a black swan. The film also shows the truth of what some performing art students do when under pressure.

The acting has to be applauded to Natalie Portman, for her outstanding acting for what must of been a hard role, which she pulls off brilliantly. Nina’s mum, Barbara Hershey, also deserves some credit for some impressive support acting.

Do not take this film lightly because it will surprise you. And take in as much as you can from the storyline. I am not surprised this film won many awards. It’s a must see.

Rating: 4.7/5

By Daniel Hart

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