127 Hours Review

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127 Hours  was released world wide in cinemas in January, 2011, after it became popular in film festivals late 2010, and was shown in limited cinemas in America. It’s a real life story about a man called Aaron Ralston, whom in April, 2003, was canyoneering in Canyonlands in National Park in Utah. In his canyoneering he fell down a gap, and moving a rock in doing so, which fell down the gap with him, trapping his arm, leaving him unable to move as a result. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t tell anyone where he had gone that day.
The film follows the same story that was told by the man himself, and shows how he eventually let himself free from the rock in 127 hours, and what he went through mentally, as well as physically.

Aaron, is played by James Franco, and he plays the role rather well. He manages to display acting of such desperation that as a viewer, you feel real sympathy for him. The Aaron in real life claims that the film is so accurate apart from one scene, that it is a real biography.

My only criticism of the film would be the fact that there is not much to show in a feature-length film about a man’s arm being trapped under a rock with no company whatsoever. They do include flashbacks of Aaron’s personal life, but you do feel mid-way through the film that you just want it to get to the scene when he has finally managed to get out of being trapped.

The film is good however, and it did keep me interested; and because it’s a true story you feel like you’re watching a real life event. The man in real life who was actually trapped under the rock in the film is now pretty famous in America, and has become a popular motivational speaker, leading a range of hiking projects around the world. So make sure you watch this film.

iHartMovies rating: 3.9/5

By Daniel Hart

Here is the trailer.

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