The Hangover 2 – But Is A Hangover Really as Memorable the Second Time Round?

So, with the huge success from the hilarious ‘The Hangover’ in 2009, the loveable foursome return, this time, heading to Thailand, but ending up with an unexpected, crazy and eventful night out in Bangkok. Bradley Cooper (Phil), Ed Helms (Stu), Justin Bartha (Doug), and of course, Zach Galifianakis (Alan), return, to tear shit up, with the directing skills of Todd Phillips (The Hangover, Due Date), but does this movie really live up to expectations? As much as I love The Hangover, there is no doubt about it that unfortunately, this sequel does not exceed its classic predecessor.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is a funny movie. But the main problem here, which I think a fair few others will agree with me on, is the fact that this movie is quite a predictable one. Most of us have seen The Hangover, which in terms of its comical delivery and storyline, was a surprise to us, as it was an original, and so we weren’t entirely sure on what to expect. But with The Hangover 2, it was the same old thing, and although I was hoping there would be quite a difference to what happened in the first one, what I was expecting to happen, most of the time, is what actually happened.

That being said, Zach still manages to fit in some moments of memorable and ridiculously random, yet hilarious one liners, which, although you are expecting, still are hilarious, and manage to catch you off guard with how random and stupid they really are. In my opinion, Zach manages to hold the movie together, and lets face it, not much else does hold the movie together – the storyline is pretty straightforward and the same as the last one, and the element of surprise has mostly been removed from this movie, due to it having pretty much the same storyline and layout.

However, even though there was the unfortunate fact of this movie being very similar to the first one, it was still a reasonably enjoyable one. It was nice to see the classic Wolf Pack back together, and to see that they were all still in the same habits, Alan, especially, with pretty much most of his dialogue being the funniest parts of the movie. And even though quite predictable, there were still some parts of the movie that did come quite unexpected, which was quite reassuring to see.

Overall, The Hangover 2, tried to live up to its predecessor, but I think that it never quite managed, which actually makes me feel a little sad to admit. Expected, is a word that comes to mind when watching this movie. However, this being said, it was still an entertaining watch, with quite a few laugh-out-loud moments, with the genius comedy stylings of Zach Galifianakis, combined with the rest of the cast, who do have their funny moments. The movie is still worth a watch, but don’t expect anything hugely different from the first movie that would give ‘The Hangover’ franchise any longevity; I don’t think a third movie would be a great idea, unless they take a radically different direction in terms of its elements of surprise and expectation of what is to come. This movie is still worth a watch though, although I’d go for the Orange Wednesday’s buy one get one free tickets…

iHartMovies rating – 3/5

By Manpreet Singh

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