1995: Toy Story

Toy Story

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The Monumental Movie for 1995 is the classic, CGI comedy, Toy Story. The original, which began the brilliant trilogy, stars the voices of acting legend Tom Hanks as Woody, and Tim Allen as the voice of Buzz Lightyear – the two voices combined with the two characters we all know and love. This movie brings to life the imagination of every kid. It starts with a boy named Andy, who, like any other kid, loves his toys, ranging from toy cowboys to dinosaurs, playing with them everyday. However, when Andy isn’t around, his toys come to life. His favourite toy, Woody thinks he has life good, enjoying his life with Andy and his other toy friends; until a new toy arrives for Andy’s birthday…Buzz Lightyear. Everyone knows the classic line, “To infinity, and Beyond!!”.

Buzz Lightyear, fails to believe that he is a toy, and believes that he is a real life space cadet, and he soon takes over the role of Andy’s favourite toy. Woody, is now determined to get rid of Buzz, but during the process they both end up getting lost, and need to find their way back to Andy’s house before he realises that they have been missing. But unfortunately for them, they are in the worst place possible for a toy… Sid’s house. Sid Phillips, is a ruthless child, whose main hobby involves brutally murdering toys.

After having to survive in Sid’s house, through some although disastrous for them, hilarious for the audience, experiences, Buzz and Woody manage to begin forming a friendship, before realising they have to escape Sid’s house before they too, are killed. Fortunately, they manage to do this, whilst in the process, mentally scarring Sid for life… In the end, Buzz and Woody manage to make it back to safety, through a risky and daring escape, and in the nick of time, managing to land safely next to Andy in the car, which his mum is driving to their new home.

For many people, including myself, Toy Story was a huge part of their childhood. This movie brings to life the imagination of every kid; at one point or another, we all hoped that our toys would come to life, and this movie made it possible. With a load of humour, which people of all ages will enjoy, whether you’re 6, or 60, this movie delivers brilliantly. Even when watching it as an adult, it brings back that happy feeling of being a child, back when nothing mattered.

The CGI for its time was brilliant, and still is for today, being one of the first movies of its kind. A definite classic movie from Pixar, this is one that audiences will never get bored of, re-living their childhood every time they watch it. This movie even has a great theme song, which is also used in the latest and final installment of this trilogy, Toy Story 3, which, as soon as I hear, instantly reminds me of this film, bringing back childhood memories. I’m pretty sure everyone has seen this movie, but if you haven’t, it’s never too late to watch Toy Story…

By Manpreet Singh

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