Bourne Legacy: ‘Sequels That Run Their Course’

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I understand that money makes the world go round, and as soon as someone sees a chance of making money their eyes light up with the dollar sign. But in my opinion, there should be some fundamental rules…’leave on a high’. Like The Rocky film series, is there any need in making a Rocky 6 or in other words, Rocky Balboa? And there are rumours emerging that there is a potential Rocky 7. Now spare me the comments, we all know Rocky 6 was nowhere near as good as the previous 5. It was a money spinner. Rocky fans were left with their mouths dry in 1990, eager for the next Rocky; leave it 16 years, and the news of a new Rocky makes their mouths wet, and they rush to the cinemas in anticipation for another classic underdog v champion, which they didn’t get. They got an old man going through a mid-life crisis trying to box again. Don’t get me wrong though, I like Rocky.

This brings me to my point, Bourne Legacy. I genuinely thought the trilogy was satisfying enough and that making another Bourne film would only burn it out. Because the trilogy made sense, ‘Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum’, it was, in effect, three steps to freedom. But then I heard they were making Bourne Legacy, and after they left on a good high, this made my heart drop. Why? And then I heard Matt Damon wasn’t even in it, in fact it’s basing the whole film around a character played by Jeremy Renner. I do hope he isn’t the new Jason Bourne and they are trying to do what Bond films do and keep the series going on, because it won’t work with this type of film. At least get Mark Wahlberg, so if Jason Bourne is in it, we would only see a slight difference.

I just don’t understand why film companies feel the need to carry on something that should be left alone to the fans imaginations and should never be touched. We don’t need remakes like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and we certainly don’t need a new Bourne film, especially if it’s not the same cast.

Sequels do run their course, such a shame people fall for money spinners.
Before this movie was seriously considered, director Paul Greengrass jokingly suggested to make a fourth Bourne movie called ‘The Bourne Redundancy’

Bond works though, but that is an exception. There are loads of remakes and added sequels that shouldn’t have been made, can you think of any?

By Daniel Hart

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