Insidious Review


Image by LaryCrews via Flickr

Insidious, was the one film I was craving to watch this year since seeing its creepy trailer and hearing its wide speculation. From director James Wan, who mastered the Saw series along with many other horror films, and writer Leigh Whannell, who again wrote and starred in the Saw films, any horror enthusiast would be dying, excuse the pun, to see this film.

The film tells the story of a couple, Patrick Wilson (Watchmen and Phantom of the Opera) and Rose Byrne (X-men: First Class and Troy), who are plagued by demons, ghosts and other strange supernatural entities, after their son falls into an unexpected coma. The story takes some mad twists and comes to a conclusion using a phenomenon I genuinely did not expect. At first, this turn in the story made me question the plot line, until after having watched the film, when I realised that this is a widely discussed phenomenon that causes massive speculation; a friend and I spoke about it for hours. The film finishes in dramatic fashion, really pushing the audience to the edge of their seats, along with the famous twists that Whannell is famous for.

When the film started I was a bit skeptic; the opening scenes drag on a while and use vintage graphics. However, in my opinion, this film did offer more than most horror films of today. I do not jump or scare easily when it comes to movies, yet this film did have me off my seat more than once. Clever camera angles and musical scores allowed comfort zones that when the surprise comes, it hits you twice as hard. This film really had me on the edge of my seat for many scenes, in the anticipation of another moment for my heart to race. However, at certain points I felt the director could have done so much more, or even less with. I found one particular scene, which put a bit of a silly twist on to the most known demon. This didn’t only mock the mysterious, and therefore scary, figure, but allowed me to be over familiar with it, leading me to be less scared of its presence.

This disappointment didn’t sway me off the film too much though. Wan and Whannell have done particularly well at making a jumpy film, which leads people to really enjoy the movie. I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed the movie as an experience so much, that I watched it twice at the cinemas. As much as I enjoyed the film, I cannot help but think that I would not have the same experience watching the film on my own television than on the big screen. Fair enough, if you have a big tv and a decent surround sound system, but I believe this would be needed to actually enjoy the film.

Maybe I am wrong, and I do truly hope I am, as I think this film deserves more credit than a lot of people give it. Insidious is, to me, one of the best horror films of the last couple of years. I would recommend anyone to go see this movie, especially people who love to be startled, or want to see a peer or partner leap out of their skin. I do think that some scenes ruined the film a bit, however not enough for me to forget the genius work towards the beginning. Lets just hope the makers do not create a ruined sequel which they are infamous for.

iHartMovies rating 4 out of 5.

By Ash Seward-Morris

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  1. Okay so reading your review makes me wanna go watch it but at the same time im scared too lol

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