Oh yes it is, a Fringe Season 4 Teaser Trailer

Fringe (TV series)

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With Fringe  season three ending at the first quarter of the year, leaving our mouths wide open at the prospect of a multi-verse and the non-existence of Peter Bishop. We became hungry for more Fringe. That wasn’t enough, the ending shocked us so much that we became more curious than desperate for the next episode. So what do Fringe do….well they send us bloody thirsty fans a simple 10 second video, teasing us. You would think that a 10 second video wouldn’t give much joy but it’s what Peter says in the video that gets us all excited for Season 4 that will be returning to our screens later this year. So in the mean time I will rabble on like Walter Bishop trying to decipher what these teaser trailers mean.

At least we have a few more months deciding which Olivia is more sexy, alternate or original, red or blonde?

Watch this short trailer below and share what you think Peter could be trying to do, considering he apparently doesn’t exist could be a problem. It’s titled ‘Teaser 1’ indicating there is more teaser trailers to come, we’ll keep you posted


By Daniel Hart

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