The Apprentice Final Preview: Who Deserves To Win The Most?

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After 11 compelling weeks the candidates have been whittled down to 4, and what an interesting series this one has become. This is the first ever series where the winner of show doesn’t actually get employed by Sir Alan Sugar but actually gives them the opportunity to make a business with him. A concept I agree with because it means the candidates didn’t just get judged on selling skills alone.

Can I just start by saying I bloody hope Jim Eastwood does not win, if there is ever an arse licker then he is one, he defines it and has got through week by week by small talk situations. Luckily for him Sir Alan likes talkers so he has managed to scrape through awkward situations in the board room.

With Susan Ma I feel sorry for her, because with two or three more years experience on her then she would of done so much better in this process on the tasks,  she really is a mouse whisperer in the wind and luckily for her she has grown strong as the competition has gone on and Sir Alan has seen some potential somewhere.

Tom Pellereau has being like a genius gone mad in this series, his ideas are sometimes near perfect but his ability to convert ideas into an actual business model is quite poor unless he is working with a good team however Sir Alan has had plenty of opportunities to get rid of him in this process and he has each time given him a chance. So maybe he sees something in him that I don’t.

And finally my favourite Helen Louise Milligan, the cool and collective business woman that has managed to break records in a couple of tasks by making alot of profit, she should win by performance in tasks over all but let’s see how the final goes with the interviews. Her semi final performance was brilliant.

If you are like me you are probably excited for the final tonight. The interview task has always been the most intense one, and I can’t imagine what it will be like in a final.

By Daniel Hart


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