About Us

iHartMovies is created, founded and owned by, Daniel Hart, an up-and-coming blogger, along with his friend, Co-Owner and blogger, Manpreet Singh. Here, Daniel gives a brief description of what we are trying to achieve with this blog:

We are avid film lovers and it is safe to say that films are our life. This blog gives you an insight into new films, upcoming films and also the low down on any popular and exciting rumours, and TV series around. The blogs are aimed to give you a genuine opinion of what the films are like, and how these films will impact on you when watching them, be it positively, negatively or in any other possible way.

Daniel Hart – I am a 20 year old student currently studying film and media at Manchester Metropolitan University. Media enticed me at High school because I did it at GCSE level. I then pursued media in college and found my niche, films. Films and TV series have become my hobby so much that I like to write scripts, film and do this blog with other writers.

Manpreet Singh ( – I am a 20 year old Psychology student, with a passion for movies, so much so, that I contribute to this blog in my spare time. Some of my all-time favourite movies would have to be: The Dark Knight, Star Wars Saga, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Inception, and The Bourne Trilogy. Manpreet’s Musings.

Ash Seward-Morris- A recent addition to the iHartMovies team, I am also 20 years old and studying psychology. I am a movie enthusiast, keeping up to date with modern releases as well as being a huge fan of all the classics. I love all genres but mainly follow thrillers, horrors and comedies.  My favourite films include; Snatch, The Dark Knight, The Matrix trilogy, Sherlock Holmes,  and Inception. Basically anything from Guy Ritchie or with Robert Downey Jr.

Richard Broadhead- A recent addition to iHartMovies as well I am a 20 year old trainee psychiatric nurse with a passion for film and a even bigger passion for anime, I have been watching anime since about the age of ten and watched many of the oldies, classics and modern anime. My favourite series probably consist of Tengen Toppa Gurenn Lagann, Bleach, One Piece and Naruto shippudenn. Films wise things such as The Girl who leapt through time, The Cat Returns, Evangelion 1.11, etc. I hope to make a good addition to the team and hope you enjoy my reviews.

Be sure to join us for our regular movie reviews, previews, and up-to-date movie news, along with exclusive iHartMovies specials now and again. We hope you enjoy this site, and any feedback is good feedback, unless it’s stupid of course.

Daniel Hart – Founder

Manpreet Singh – Co-Owner

All images copyright their respective rights-holders, and no infringement on legal rights is intended.


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