‘Skins’ Series Six Has Begun Filming, Do We Care?

Skins (TV series)

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Do you remember Mini, Liv, Grace, Franky, Rich, Alo, Nick and Matty? Probably not, in fact a lot of Skins fans were outraged with the average series which was series 5. And not because the storylines were particularly poor, because they weren’t, they had good quirky concepts but for once they failed to get the viewers to care for the characters. They started off with an episode about Franky, and they immediately tried to make us feel sympathy for her. In previous series with the start of a generation of new characters they normally started off with a fun episode to keep the viewer occupied. A massive party, drama and fights for instance. In Franky’s episode and the opening of series 5, the only part that shocked us is that she randomly got out a fake gun. Brilliant.

They also did the ‘Effy head-f**k’ thing a bit too much in series 5 with every character. It seems that every character decided they wanted to be just like Effy and have heavy emotional baggage that made them look all mental and well…silly.

However, before we slate series 6, we should give it a chance because things are looking up. I think they know series 5 was not the best and they’ve hired Danny Brocklehurst who has worked on Shameless. They’ve also brought on Skins Novelist Jess Brittain.

Its also been confirmed that new characters will be joining series 6 on a already big cast. Hopefully they’ll light up the show.

By Daniel Hart

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